The of Friendship Apps: GoBe Groups

Ever see a great event you want to attend, a fitness class you’d like to try, or have a day you want to spend at the beach…but maybe you’re in a new city, maybe your friends are busy, or maybe you want to meet new people — regardless of the reason, it can be hard to find a new group to go on fun adventures with.

Introducing GoBe Groups!


GoBe is the latest of the friendship apps.

It works like a combination of and

You can find groups of people based on similar interests with a certain radius; people in the group can create events with details like time and place in order to meet-up and have fun. The major categories include academics (need a study group?), athletics (pick-up basketball, anyone?), festivities (get out your glow stickers), gaming (Mario Kart marathon IRL?), lifestyle (biking around Central Park?), or quick jobs (need someone to shovel snow?).

The creators of GoBe were also smart to integrate a user rating system, to try to ensure user dependability. If you ditch your group or get a bad attitude, your rating goes down. This way, users can “avoid wet blanket frustrations.” At the same time, GoBe sends you push notifications to remind you of when events that you want to attend are going on, so you can avoid being that person who is always 30 minutes late to an event.

There is also an integrated chat system so that users can plan ahead and chat a bit before meeting up (really, so you can weed out the weirdos).

This app takes all the best aspects of Match and Meetup and integrates it into a mobile system, so that it is easy to find stuff to do while on the go. It’s also a great resource for people who are looking to meet some new, interesting people — finally, an app to match you to friends!

Since the app is still new, it is building it users base, so there may not be any groups around you currently. But as the user base grows and more people take the intuitive and make groups, we predict this app will be a great way to connect with people in your city!

GoBe Groups is in iOS.

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