Meet Karen the game that psychologically profiles you as you play

Say hello to your new friend Karen, she’ll talk to you and try to get to know you through games and storytelling.

First off, who is Karen?

Karen is here to help you through life. She’ll start off by asking you some questions about your life,  your outlook of the world in order to gain better insight about you. Her questions are drawn from a psychological profiling questionnaire called Mood Repair. This uses your profile to give you advice on your answers. As she  gets to know you, Karen becomes more curious. You will find that Karen knows a lot.


Rationale behind creating Karen

On their Kickstarter campaign  the team at Blast Theory said that they were creating Karen because they were always looking at where technology is going. Their main interest being big data and how governments and large companies such as Facebook are using it without our knowledge or consent.

Karen is here to use data in a playful, open and fun way. Developed with the help of Professor Nina Reynolds and Dr Kelly Page, there are many psychological scales incorporated into the game. Karen will get to know you and will use data about your behavior whether you have freely given it or she has obtained this data by monitoring you.

How Karen works

You will be interacting with Karen through touch and text, how you’re going to interact with Karen depends entirely on what you tell Karen. Karen hears your needs and caters to them.

If you don’t have time to talk to Karen, you can tell her to call you back later. The more you interact with Karen the closer you get and the more she will be able to help you.

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