Meme Font: This is the Best Font to Use

Meme font is something a lot of people wonder about when they set out to create a meme and while there’s not one hard-fast front that every meme creator uses, but there are preferred fronts.

What Font Do Meme Pictures Use?

The vast majority of internet meme pictures use Impact font, and a small amount use Arial or Comic Sans.

Impact is a bold san-serif typeface designed back in the 1960s by designer Geoffrey Lee, who definitely had no idea is font would end up plastered across millions of cat pictures. The name of the font is very fitting, considering the intent is to have huge impact and emphasis the text as much as possible.

The large blocky design is exactly why the font took off as the font-of-choice for meme creators. It’s big, bold and the text stands out crisply when layered over an image.

The contrast of the text over image is even further enhanced with the use of what is known as a “stroke” to outline the text in a thick, black line to ensure maximum “impact”.

How can I make my own memes?

There are a few ways you can approach creating a meme. The first is to use an editing software such as Photoshop and do the whole thing from scratch, selecting Impact as the font type and applying a thick, black stroke to the text. The alternative is to use a “meme generator app” that does the hard work for you.

Whichever way you choose to create your meme, remember it’s more about the content- make sure it’s funny and you’re sure to be onto a winner!

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