Memes 2016: The Very Best of The Worst Year

It was the year that everyone would rather forget, but as we lost many famous celebrities, a new phrase was rising to stardom: the term ‘dank memes’ was born and we can all agree that 2016 memes will forever be the dankest of them all!

To celebrate the New Year we have compiled the very best of 2016 memes, from obscene to downright hilarious, 2016 had them all.

The Very Best Memes 2016 – We Will Never Forget:


“Feel The Bern” Dank Memes:

memes 2016

During the 2016 Presidential Election (which we will never forget..) a particular breed of memes rose to fame on the internet. Within the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were vying to represent the democrats on election day, and as Sanders had a large amount of young supporters, naturally, memes were the obvious choice for these millennial campaigners. The two candidates “topical” posters were photoshopped to depict how either of them would respond to a given topic. This pretense allowed for some pretty hilarious written responses. The viral sharing of these memes across social media actually resulted in a Facebook community being created, aptly named “Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash”, which now has over 66k members.


Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer:

memes 2016

This one is a little bit more abstract, and not everyone would have seen it in their news feed. In late 2015, the politician Ted Cruz was mockingly accused of being the Zodiac Killer, the reason for this was never actually revealed, although he does bare a slight resemblance to the character profile that was drawn of the suspected killer during the 70s’. On December 15, 2015 a Facebook page titled “Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer” was launched, which now has more than 47k likers. In early 2016, the mock accusation was picked up by Google search results on the GOP Debate, broadcast nationwide.

memes 2016


Savage Spongebob:

memes 2016

This one you are bound to have seen on your news feed! It’s pretty self explanatory too – the Savage Spongebob is usually used in reference to a moment when someone is either angry, frustrated or anxious. A relatable meme for everyone during 2016, it seems


Harambe (poor, poor Harambe):

memes 2016

The 2016 year kicked off with a terrible start, as the tragic footage of a child falling into a gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo resulted in the animal being shot down. The gorilla, Harambe, became an instant internet sensation, causing more than one keyboard war on social media comment sections. Within a few days, internet trolls had created Harambe memes that were seen plenty through the course of 2016, much to the dismay of serious internet users, who could not see the humour in the situation (as most sane individuals would not see the humour…). Although, like most of the internet in 2016 – something tragic was turned into a joke – perhaps a coping mechanism?


Arthur’s Clenched Fist:

memes 2016

This meme was everywhere! Again, another one that’s pretty self-explanatory and sums up 2016 nicely… Any situation resulting in anger or discontent was usually close followed by this clenched fist, a still from the children’s cartoon, Hey Arthur!


Bone Ap The Teeth!

memes 2016

This one is hilarious! The meme started (presumably) from someone’s misunderstanding of the french term “bon appetit!” which literally translates to “good appetite,” and someone’s appreciation of food. The meme comprises of pictures of food with variations of the the terms’ misunderstanding.


Evil Kermit:

memes 2016

This meme is used to describe the inner-turmoil everyone has from time-to-time, concerning many aspects of day-to-day life. From something as simple as running a yellow light while driving to accidentally ruining a relationship due to social anxiety. These memes were great to helping people relate to each other on an extremely personal level, the true meaning of “I’m not the only one..”.


Obama and Biden:

memes 2016

These memes will go down in history with 2016, and Obama’s eight years of presidency. The memes either depicted the love between the President and the Vice President, or Joe Biden’s unsavory responses to the President Elect, Donald Trump, transitioning into the White House. We will never forget this dynamic duo.


What’s your favorite meme of 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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