Messaging Apps for iPhone

Messaging apps have increased in popularity thanks to different demands. Some people use messaging apps to get in touch with friends abroad, others use it for communicating with people with different operating systems (Apple vs Android). And while many people are satisfied with iMessaging, there are plenty of messaging apps for iPhone that can improve or enhancing the messaging experience.

Here’s our breakdown of the best messaging apps for iPhone users:


whatsapp icon1. WhatsApp: Best for international use, particularly among Spanish-speaking populations

WhatsApp is the most widely-downloaded messaging app in the world. With over one billion downloads, and ranked as third most popular virtual community (only behind Facebook and YouTube), WhatsApp is considered the most established messaging app. WhatsApp is particularly popular with Spanish-speaking countries and parts of Europe. If you only want to download one Messaging App, might as well use the most well-known one. By offering free messaging (using Wi-Fi or data, but no international costs), WhatsApp quickly became one of the most downloaded apps of all time. If you expect to be communicating with friends in Asia, try Line for Japanese friends or WeChat for friends in China.


groupme app

3. GroupMe: Best for close college friends

GroupMe is another popular option, especially among college students in the United States. When planning friends trips or group projects, GroupMe allows for easy communication or organization. Have fun changing your Group’s avatar, creating in-app memes, or just liking posts. GroupMe’s clean interface and easy to use navigation makes it a no-brainer.

messenger app icon

4. Facebook Messenger: Best for distant (Facebook) friends

Depending on your messaging app needs, Facebook Messenger may be all you need. If your iPhone has a small amount of storage, and you already use the messenger app, why bother with more app downloads?

spaces app icon

5. Google Spaces: Best for sharing content

Google’s new app is perfect for group messages that share a lot of content. Because of Google’s wide network, Spaces is perfect for sharing articles, videos and images since Google Search, YouTube and Chrome are built in with the app. Since the app was just launched, you may have to encourage other people in your group to download the app… or even tell them about it in the first place!


In addition to messaging apps, there are apps that enhance the messaging experience. While everyone and their mothers may already use emojis, here are a few other options to explore:


bitmoji app icon (1)

1. Bitmoji: Best for custom, quirk emoji use

Customize your emoji faces with an animated version of yourself! Paired with relatable expressions about meeting up with friends, complaining about work, and celebrating the weekend — Bitmoji certainly adds something special to your messages!

kimoji app icon

2. Kimoji: Best for pop-culture emoji use

Kim Kardashian is known to have her influence in the app store, with both her celebrity game and her lifestyle app. But the Kimoji app combines her famous expressions and features for your communication entertainment! Expect lavish emojis exploring her riches or emojis reminiscing some of her most memorable moments.


gboard app icon (1)

3. Gboard: Best for searching emojis

Are you happy with just the regular set of emojis? But maybe you have trouble finding the taco or devil when you really need it? Combine the power of search with your emoji library with Gboard! And while searching emojis is a great feature, there are plenty of other Gboard features. With Gboard, you can glide to text, send search results to friends, send gifs, and more! Gboard is perfect for the forgetful emoji user or Google enthusiast.


See screenshots of the keyboards for messaging apps below:  

Sophia Watts

Sophia Watts

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