Microsoft gets in on the fitness tracking game!

After being leaked a bit early on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Microsoft App Store, Microsoft has confirmed that they will have a new fitness tracker going on sale on Oct 30. The Microsoft Band will be on sale for $199 and will track data and sync with the apps that were leaked earlier this week.


Microsoft also claimed that the Band will be available for US customers only and in limited quantities. It is designed by Quentin Morris (who also designed the Xbox One controller) and has ten sensors that can measure things like UB exposure, stress levels and regular fitness things like heart rate and steps. It also has a built in GPS tracker, which means that you will not have to carry your phone with you to track your workout if you want to go out for a run or cycling.


While the Band tracks your data, the Microsoft Health app does all the storing, syncing and sending of notifications to the Band, similar to Google Fit or Apple Health. One major difference is that Microsoft is open to letting other companies making their devices compatible with Microsoft Health. This will enable them to sync data and notifications immediately to the Band – all through the Microsoft Health platform.

Microsoft Health also comes with an “Intelligence Engine” that is able to tell you things like how well you are sleeping and what exercises that are burning the most calories. Companies can license the sensors to be used with their app or device and the likes of MyFitnessPal, UP by Jawbone and RunKeeper are already on board with Microsoft Health. The ability to share your data (should you choose to do so) with your medical provider is also said to be in the works – similar to Apple Healthkit. Microsoft claims that the Band will last 48 hrs on a single charge and is the perfect system for both work and the gym.


You can buy the Microsoft Band for $199 at physical Microsoft Stores or on their online store.

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