Misfit Flash: The affordable fitness tracker – Finally!

Fitness trackers are all the rage at the moment. The market is flooded with dozens of examples that all help you track your sleep, steps you have taken, calories burnt and help you make goals to become a better/fitter person.


Misfit Wearables released their fashionable metallic Shine fitness tracker last year and has sold roughly 600,000 of them so far. The Shine was different from the other trackers in that it could be worn as a fashion accessory. It was beautifully designed with its burnished metal finish and could be work on the wrist or in a locket and did not look like a fitness tracker at all. With the success of the Shine, Misfit has announced its second tracker – the Misfit Flash.


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The Misfit Flash basically does everything the Shine does but at just $49.99 USD, its half the price of the more expensive Shine ($100). The most prominent reason for this is that the Flash does not have a metal finish, instead, it is made of soft-touch plastic and comes in 7 fun, vibrant colors. It includes a fully waterproof design and like the Shine, the ability to track multiple activities like running, swimming, cycling and sleep.


Another big feature is that the Misfit Flash, like the Shine, does not require charging. This is because it uses a regular watch battery that lasts about 6 months. You no longer have to remember to charge your tracker every few days and when the battery does eventually die, all you have to do is remove the bottom of the Flash, remove the old battery and put the new one in. The Flash also has the same simplistic dotted LED display as on the Shine, but instead of tapping to turn it on, the whole disc is now a clickable button which will toggle between showing you the time and your progress towards a set goal.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.45.42 PM

Overall, the Misfit Flash is a great device for budget conscious shoppers as it offers everything the more fashionable Shine does, but at half the cost. It is not set to launch till November, but you can pre-order it here.


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