Mobile Sales Increase in the UK

via eMarketer and Mashable

eCommerce sales in the UK are continuing to grow, with mobile being responsible for the 15% year-over-year eCommerce growth rate in both Q1 and Q2 of 2013. This is also the projected growth rate for B2C eCommerce for the entire year, according to Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) and Capgemini. The growth in mobile eCommerce comes as desktop eCommerce sales showed no growth, making mobile eCommerce the soul driver.

uk b2c ecommerce sales growth 2910-2013

Tablets may make up the majority of mobile sales – sitting at 85% however, smartphone retail mCommerce (mobile commerce) growth overtook tablet in Q2 – smartphone sales increased 210% year-over-year, while tablet sales only increased 130%.

uk retail mcommerce sales growthy, by device, q2 2013

Sales on tablets and smartphones are rapidly growing in the U.S., however their representation of the mobile sales industry is still too small to take full credit for the growth of the eCommerce industry in the U.S.

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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