Mobile Trends: Tablet Market Sores [Infographic]

Netbiscuits, mobile-tech extraordinaires , released an infographic stating that, among other mobile trends, the “tablets” have been the fastest growing technology in history. Sounds like a bold statement considering how quickly things like the PC and smartphones took on. Nonetheless, the infographic, with a bundle of statistics nicely backs up this bold claim. ┬áThe biggest stat on the graphic states the, “tablet market grows 65% in Q2 of 2013.” Impressive.

The infographic goes on to compare Apple and Android, list the most popular activities performed on the tablet, and so on. The main point of the infographic seems to be that with the rapid growth of tablet popularity, bad tablet website and or experience will begin to have detrimental effects on a business–we certainly agree.


By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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