Mobile Video Beats TV Spots for Achieving Engagement Goals

According to a recent survey conducted by AOL Networks, three-quarters of marketers are increasing their spending on digital videos. Also, a new study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Tremor Video and Millward Brown shows that comparing to TV commercials, mobile video advertising wins better consumer engagement and brand awareness.


The study offers a valuable insight and an interesting look at how advertisements on digital mediums could change brand perception. In the study, researchers showed 150 participants 300 mobile and TV video campaigns. Then the participants were asked to describe their feelings for each piece of content.

The majority participants felt that mobile ads were more “attracted” and “excited” than TV spots.  Other sentiment adjectives such as “uniqueness”, “irritation”, “brand impression”, “inspiration” and “active involvement” were more associated with mobile ads then TV spots. However, not all of the feedbacks on the mobile ads were positive. Participants reported the mobile content is more “annoyed”, “inadequate” and “repelled” than TV commercial content.


Consumers’ feeling about mobile video is a complicated combination of love and hate. In contract, marketers’ opinions for mobile video are simple – hope and faith. 58% of marketers believed mobile video ads performed better than TV ads, while only 15% said mobile video ads raised worse engagement.

However, the average time consumers spend on mobile is a big concern for marketers. Consumers spend 38% of time on TV while they only give 20% of time to mobile.


Another challenge for digital-focus marketers is the consumer resistance.

TV commercials have much longer history than digital videos. As a result, consumers have already accepted TV advertising as a normal and unavoidable thing, while lots of them still consider mobile ads as “unfriendly” intrusions. Although mobile ads are good at driving engagement, consumer resistance is always a problem that marketers need to solve.

Well, if marketers can identify the right target audience and come up with compelling content, there will be a huge potential for mobile video ads to delivery strong result for marketers.

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