Momento – Your Personal Diary App

With social media making everything that’s going on in our lives public, it’s nice to have an app to keep a personal diary that for once doesn’t get exposed to the world wide web.

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Momento makes it easy to look back and reflect about moments in your life by keeping a personal diary. Write your diary on the go, capture moments and thoughts on the spot. Still, it is inevitable to integrate social media in contemporary apps. With this app, you can choose to integrate your social media activities as a part of your diary. Momento has a record with everything you’ve ever shared online which makes it easy to select what moments you want to integrate in your diary.

The app costs $1.99 and is available in the App Store, but it’s worth to invest in this app. Reflect on your life and lifestyle, look how far you’ve come in your life and just enjoy reading your personal diary!

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