Most Popular Apps for College Students

When it comes to technology trends, few groups of people are as predictable as college students. They have their unique set of needs, priorities and interests that make them a powerful demographic when it comes to app store downloads. And if they ever let you see your phone, these are the apps you would find.

From entertainment, to money saving, to music- here are the most popular apps for college students:


1. VenmoAndroid and iOS

Gone are the days of cash exchanges. Money transferring apps like Venmo work wonders for college students. College students use Venmo for rent, booze runs, student club fees, and more. These (emoji-ridden) transactions are frequent and convenient among college students: so split the bills and party on.


2. Pocket PointsAndroid and iOS

Many college students benefit from Pocket Points, which rewards students from staying off their phone while in class. These apps are supported by local businesses that give discounts and incentives to students for their dedication to education. While the app may be on the way out, it is unique to this demographic and can be a precursor to other inventions.


3. Spotify MusicAndroid and iOS

You can count on college students to download music streaming apps. Spotify offers a huge student discount for an ad-free account, and therefore is often the first choice among this demographic.


4. SnapchatAndroid and iOS

That’s not just any selfie, that’s a Snapchat selfie. With campuses having their own filters and Campus Stories, students are busy sending and receiving snaps. And if your snap makes it to Our Campus Story, consider it an honor.


5. StarbucksAndroid and iOS

With the Starbucks app, even the worst student can earn a Gold Star. Gift cards from parents and generous family members to Starbucks are downloaded to the app. Starbucks’ app comes in handy for early morning classes and late night all-nighters.


6. UberAndroid and iOS

Depending on the campus size, some college students will utilize Uber for late night trips between bars, parties and apartments. Often, larger campuses with frequent buses will also have helpful apps for scheduling transportation.


7. Google MapsAndroid and iOS

Whether weekend trips home or to away games, students will trust Google Maps for avoiding traffic and tolls with real-time updates. The find along route option is particularly helpful when traveling in unknown areas.


8. WhatsApp MessengerAndroid and iOS

Both foreign exchange students and students studying abroad will keep in touch with family and friends through WhatsApp. By sending messages over WiFi, no international plans are needed for sharing texts, photos, videos and more.


9. GroupMeAndroid and iOS

Many American students will opt for group messaging apps like GroupMe. This app facilities group discussion, planning and voting, which is perfect for large friend circles and class projects.


9. Yik YakAndroid and iOS

Students can upvote and downvote jokes and statements specific to their college campuses. A combination between Twitter and Reddit, Yik Yak entertains students and shares campus news fast. Students can even “travel” to other campuses to see what’s the buzz at different universities.


10. TwitterAndroid and iOS

Speaking of news, younger generations prefer getting their breaking news from social media. College students will opt for Twitter to follow their favorite celebrity rants and keep up with the latest stories.


11. ESPN- Android and iOS

Any sports fan will keep up with their college and professional teams with ESPN. With push notifications and exclusive stories, ESPN is the preferred sports app.


12. Tinder- Android and iOS

College students still prefer Tinder before other dating apps for its casualness and quick matching style. Save Coffee Meets Bagel for after college, and then maybe further down the road.



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