The Movie “Her” And Mobile AI Operating Systems – “Siri” Plans For The Future?

Have you seen the 2013 movie “Her”? The movie describes the man and Artificial Intelligence (AI) relationship. Now the film was set in the mere future and had all the components of a perfect science fiction film. Anyways, our topic is not the movie, but the technology that is shown in the movie. The Apple iOS has “Siri” as one of its features in its munitions store. The character of Samantha portrayed by Scarlett Johansson resembles to somewhat like Siri.


The film centers on a man who develops a relationship with an intelligent computer operating system (OS) with a female voice and personality.

What is Siri

For the starters, what is Siri actually? It is the Artificial Intelligence feature in iOS 7 that produces results when you speak to it. It catches your words, and that is the command for your Siri. For example, you can say “Switch off” and the mobile will switch off. You can just speak a clear, loud word that is stored in Siri’s database that it matches with your word and tries to act on your command. Then, forget the touch screens and just speak and get your desired function done. That is the “future of mobile phones” and often called as the “technology of tomorrow.”

Siri can even be your IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and you can get the voice answers from it in male as well as female voices. Just like Samantha in the movie, your mobile phones could simply understand you and your voice patterns. Technology is still in its experimental stage, but definitely much revolutionary in the world of science.

Angella Watercutter, author at Underwire, feels that the portrayal of Samantha as Siri in the movie is much beyond artificial intelligence, and it shows that AI is just like humans. She also adds that the Siri as an advanced technology as shown in the movie will take a large amount of time to expose itself completely, and many more years will be utilized to realize that with certainty. But she admits that artificial intelligence will be the toast of mobile operating systems in the future prospect.

By David Pate, G+ profile.

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