How Much Are You Willing To Spend On A Mobile App?

When spending money on apps, how much is too much? If you go by popular opinion, any price is too high. ABI recently did a survey which showed that most of us aren’t paying anything for the apps we use.

Survey by Flurry

In July/2013, Flurry, an app analytic service, researched app pricing. The results suggested that consumers, overwhelmingly, prefer free apps, even when packed with ads.

Ads are everywhere in our world these days; they are unavoidable. They are just something we have to accept. This is okay for certain apps, especially those you don’t spend much time using; the ads aren’t a big deal. But some apps can be an incredibly annoying burden and slow us down!

It’s just the price we have to pay for free apps.

Is $10 too much for an app?

The majority undoubtedly thinks so. I’d argue not. Maybe that’s because I’m old enough to remember CD-ROMs. Many of the discs cost on an average of around $20 to $100. Apps are the equivalent of CD-ROMs back in the day.

Are you ready to buy an app?

Research reflects certain trends in the app market. The apps most apt at making money have typically been some of the utility apps that are often used for business purposes. So is $10 too high an overhead when it helps you to be mobile in business, using your phone or tablet on the move instead of being limited to a desktop.

Nothing is free in this life. Everything always comes with a price. Whether it is excessive exposure to ads or limited features holding you back, at the end of the day, value is the same as beauty. It is up to you to decide.

If an app can enrich your life, why not pay?

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