Why Are Multiplayer Mobile Games On The Rise?

With the rising regard of mobile games, more alternatives are becoming readily available for consumers. Multiplayer games have by now been an enormous hit on consoles and computers. Now, their numbers are escalating for mobile devices as well. Technologies like Bluetooth and 3G allows more and more players to join and take pleasure in some open gaming contest.

According to Modojo, multiplayer games have been so effective because the mobile users like to stay connected to others via their devices. These publicly like-minded groups are much more likely to connect in a game play that let them interrelate with other players instead of opting for a solo player options. Rather than playing against a generic computer opponent, they’re able to check their gaming ability against other people.

Cleantuesday opines that- Multiplayer games do not have the same variety as single player games, but there are pretty a few options on hand. Some of the most accepted multiplayer games have a gambling genre- blackjack or poker, to name a few. Other games apart from this genre feature famous archetypal games like Checkers or Chess. Many of these multiplayer games are mostly based on the console or PC games.

Consumer interest in gaming

As said previously, technology has also been a deciding factor in making these multiplayer games attractive. The initial editions of multiplayer games only permitted just two players to compete due to the restrictions of IR technology. But with 3G, large numbers of gamers can partake in these types of games. Although Bluetooth technology does not have the similar power as 3G in terms of numbers, it does agree with more than two people to play at the same instant. As the technology gets better, multiplayer games get better with them.

Global games market

According to Gabriel Cornish of gaming information website Gamasutra, multiplayer games provide more ARPU (Average Revenue per User) than single player games. He provides an example of War Metal: Tyrant game, says players who are in clans in the game have a more ARPU than those who aren’t (20 times more to be exact), with 55% of the game’s revenue from just 6% of players in clans. Thus, the manufacturers target such type of gamers.

Multiplayer games are going to increase as the technology progresses. The single player games will be much lesser as compared to multiplayer games in the future. What do you think? Stay tuned to Topmobiletrends.

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