Need To Charge Your Mobile Device? No Problem, Starbucks Will Have You Covered!

There is nothing quite as annoying as having tons of fun playing with your phone and all of a sudden, you notice your battery is about to run out of power. While at home, this problem can usually be solved pretty easily, simply plug the device in to a charger and use it while it is juicing up.

Unfortunately, this problem most commonly occurs when you are out and about, where hooking up to a power outlet is usually impossible. Fortunately, Starbucks identifies with your struggle and will be making a powerful and effective solution available to their customers. This comes in the form of the wireless-charging device made by Powermat.


The Device

Powermat, a device produced and distributed by Duracell, is designed to charge your tablet, smartphone or laptop without the need for any type of physical connection. These devices will be strategically placed throughout the shops, with automatic charging starting when a compatible device comes in range.

The Service

Starbucks still has a little ways to go before the entire United States has wireless-charging capabilities in their shops. Current announcements put the deployment’s beginnings at some time this year for the San Francisco Bay area. Additional areas of the country should show up sometime next year, culminating in a nationwide availability.

The Obstacles

One word in specific spells out the difficulties that Starbucks will face when rolling out this service and promoting it to customers: standards. As with virtually everything tech related, certain protocols and standards are compatible with some devices, yet not with others.

The Powermat device utilizes the PMA standard, which is compatible with AT&T, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei, LG and Samsung devices. However, customers using devices made by other manufacturers will need to purchase a wireless-charging case that accepts the PMA standard.

Will you be hightailing it to the nearest Starbucks once this tech is made available? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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