What you need to know about Two Dots Game

TwoDots is a new puzzle game that’s free to play; it is the sequel to the hugely popular game called Dots. The original Dots game was based on free play that involved matching colors, but with this TwoDots, you’ll have to do more. Join two dots, sink anchors, extinguish flames, make bombs and much more as they crisscross fiery jungles, arctic tundra and plunge into the depth of the oceans.

There are many levels to clear that come with challenges and goals that must be met before progressing on to the next level. In other words, you’ll be sharpening your skills by uncovering many challenging new features with the aim of completing all the 110 exciting levels. However, more levels will be coming soon.


Each level comes with a limited amount of moves one can make in each level, a feature that makes it even more challenging and exciting. If you fancy a nice game, you will definitely find TwoDots enormously enjoyable.

The game comes with an adorable minimalist design that is designed to offer a relaxing mood, thanks to the music. One of the major selling points of this game is that it offers you ample time to plan and strategize your next move without worrying about the ticking clock. You can also challenge your friends on Facebook.


According to imore.com, it is possible to restart a level without losing a life. The key to doing that is to make clear the level before making a move, which returns the player to the map to start again. You need to note that you will lose a life if you restart after making a move.

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