New App To Look For: “Need” for Social Networking

Looking for a new social networking app? Check out Need, a fresh app (only 3 months old) that was created by a small team in San Francisco! Need is often compared to Jelly (a similar app), so you might already have an idea already about what Need really is about if you’re familiar with new social networking Apps. But basically it is a form of polling and crowdsourcing answers to, well.. your needs!


Need works based on 2 questions, either “What do you need?” or “Where do you need it?”. Just click on the category that’s suitable for you at that moment and ask whatever it is you’re looking to get an answer on. You’ll friends help you out!
Add your friend on Need and they will see anything you post on it. This makes it easier for your friends to see you are looking for something and that you need their help.

Don’t have any questions but you want to share something? Go ahead!

Need provides you with space to share your favorite places, businesses, whatever it is you like to share. This might be a big help for your friend that might be “Needing” something.

With Need, you can search from over 23 million businesses and places over the world, and you can see which ones your friends recommend. We guarantee you’ll never end up in a bad restaurant again!

Need is a free app and is available in iTunes.

Click here to visit the Need website or click here to download the app for iOs.


Have you tried the Need? We’d like to hear your thoughts!

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