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New Chrome Update for Android Users

A quick update for our Android lovers out there. Google Chrome is back at it again! This time with a snazzy update for Android users. Introducing Chrome 53, released this September (2016).

The latest version of Google Chrome, which previously limited certain features to desktop users only, has just been revamped so that certain specific features can now be experienced on mobile. The updated features include but are not limited to:

1. Android Pay Updates: incorporating the use of PaymentRequest API.

This update removes the need to type and re-type payment information when it comes to making purchases on mobile.

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2. Muted video autoplay

This feature, once set in place by the user, will allow videos to play automatically, while not distrubing the user or others with the noise, unless selected!

3. Performance Enhancements

For one example, the official Google Chrome blog also notes that they have been working to continue enhancing user experience through Android battery life. Here’s an update:

“Chrome now uses less battery for sites that people visit the most. For example, Chrome for Windows lets you watch more video on sites like Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube than it did a year ago.”

4. Bug Fixes

For those daily annoyances.

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Google Chrome 53 is currently available for download in Google Play. If you would like to read more about Android updates be sure to check out our Android tab. Stay in the know.

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