New Kardashian App

Begroupd Kardashian appThe Kim Kardashian App Hollywood, launched last summer, entertains Kardashian fans with new characters, updates and challenges. However, little sister Khloe Kardashian has joined the app store with Begroupd. Khloe features the Begroupd app on her personal Instagram, with pictures of her famous family using the polling, RSVP, and messaging services. Cornell graduate Lindsey Cummins conceptualized Begroupd in efforts to avoid complicated and excessive messaging in group texts. Then, Khloe Kardashian became involved during the developmental phase.


Thanks to Khloe’s Instagram following, and fan base surrounding the Kardashian name, the app has great exposure. As a member of America’s most famous family, there’s a lot of busy people trying to make plans together. By including screenshots of her own family using the app, Khloe creates buzz among fans eager to use the Kardashian app, too. She’s a brand ambassador with a strong social media following and appeal to the target audience — clearly a strong business move. And this is one of Khloe’s most prominent business efforts outside of the Kardashian’s niche clothing, makeup and hair market.


11705305_953829821347722_8168591096864871962_nBut even without a celebrity status, the app can be helpful. Try deciding what everyone wants for dinner, or which shoes look best with which skirt, or which meeting time works best in a message with ten opinionated people. With Begroupd, the voting capabilities shorten conversations, and therefore save time. After all, Begroupd cuts down on the number of messages, as well as the amount of time scrolling and reading. The polls can be created in yes or no or multiple choice formats. Then, next to each option, Begroupd lists the number of votes. Begroupd can organize chats into categories, like other messaging apps, but its focus on plan-setting sets it apart. It’s certainly not your typical celebrity app.


Will you consider downloading the new Kardashian app? Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait. But the New York City based office will release another version soon.

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