The New Tony Hawk game coming soon to mobile devices

On 27th Feb 2014, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk revealed on Larry King Live that he was working on a new skateboarding game for mobile phone devices.

And now, Activision has confirmed that Tony Hawk’s Shred Session will be launched exclusively on mobile devices. The former professional skater briefly told Bloomberg that the mobile game he is working on is likely to launch later this year.

“We’re working on a game for mobile devices this year,” Hawk said.

Tony Hawk video game

Hawk wants to take advantage of the amount of hours people spend on their mobile devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets. According to the former star, this is one area that has never been exploited before and that he is excited to evolve with new technology.

“We’ve never had our own game in that space so I’m excited to provide one finally.”
The game will be developed by UK developer Big Bit. The mobile game will see players swiping controls to unlock new moves and gear while shredding across the levels of the game.

Basically, the game, being the first installment in the series, has been divided into two modes: The first mode is survival, which will see you pulling off continuous combos and tricks for as long as possible in order to score as high as possible, like it happens in many running games. The second mode is called Shred sessions where you will have to complete specific objectives by playing through the levels.

The game features six legendary skaters: Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Chris Cole, David Gonzalez, Lizzie Armanto, Riley Hawk and of course Tony Hawk, all with their signature moves.

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