New York’s Best Food Delivery Apps

You use them, you love them, but do you know about all of them? In case your feeling a little bit “hangry” at work today, or if you just don’t feel like planning something out for dinner, allow me to introduce to you some of New York’s best food delivery apps.

I apologize in advance if this post makes you hungry, but if it does, all the more reason to know about these trusty delivery apps. To make things easier we have broken the apps into two categories: Prepared Restaurant Food Apps and Ingredient Delivery Apps.


Prepared, Restaurant Food Apps:


Looking for complete delicious meals in Manhattan, check out Maple. Maple is designed to bring complete meals right to your doorstep. However, these aren’t just ordinary meals, Maple works with a high quality team of New York chefs who strive for excellence and freshness.

Best Food Delivery Apps

 If your a true foodie, you may be interested to know that Maple’s menu rotates on a daily basis. Meals options are visible on the app daily, as well as on the Maple website. Meals are constantly being updated and catered to seasonality. Yes, the ingredients as well as cooking techniques are included in meal descriptions.

If time is of the essence, Maple also aims to deliver your order to your door step in 30 minutes or less! Money can be managed directly through the app; tax, tip, and delivery are already included as another time saver. Makers of the app call it, ” safe, secure, and simple to use…”

Best Food Delivery Apps



Available in only a few select locations (New York being one of them), this next app proclaims simplicity and ease. The Seamless app, also available online, provides users with a massive list of restaurants to choose and order from, some of which are even updating menus on a daily basis.

Best Food Delivery Apps

One thing Seamless wants you to know, DON’T CALL! Seamless is free to download and free to use. A food tracker is included within the app so you can always check in on the status of an order. Payment information is stored within the app, Seamless promises you will only have to give them this information once! Did I mention seamless is also compatible with Apple Watch, can you imagine checking your wrist to find out that your hamburger will arrive in five minutes?

If you don’t want to cook, but you still want to get some exercise, Seamless is also available for Pick-Up, place your order through the app and simply clarify that you will be picking up your order.

Best Food Delivery Apps



This next food delivery app claims: “farm fresh ingredients, artisan chefs that cook from scratch, an app that is as easy to use as seamless (mentioned above), and a tasty fresh dinner on your table in 30 minutes.” Sounds like a deal to me. If you check out this food delivery website you will be presently surprised to find available health and nutrition facts included with each meal.

Best Food Delivery Apps

Details such as gluten-free, hormone-free, or nut-free appear in large font next to each potential order item. Even the chef responsible for creating each plate is available online, photo included. From a glance, the prices for CookUnity are accurately priced for what you are receiving.

Note to user: these meals do not typically arrive hot. Users are required to heat up their own dinners.

According to the CookUnity site itself, here is what one happy user had to say about  their CookUnity experience,

“CookUnity was simply great. It was really really flavorful, delicious food. The delivery time was quick, even late on a busy night. I liked that a card was included about the chef and ingredients used in each meal. 10/10, will order again.” -Adam H.

Best Food Delivery Apps


Ingredient Delivery Apps:

 Blue Apron

The method behind this food delivery app is to combine a personal cookbook with food-delivery services. Blue Apron wants at-home cookers to stop worrying about menu planning and grocery shopping. Talk about no work, all play.

Best Food Delivery Apps


For those of us who enjoy cooking, Blue Apron presents a variety of recipes for trial, in addition to optional wine pairings (yes, I said wine). With each recipe comes clear instructions (crucial to success), and a series of helpful tips, video tutorials are also available if desired. Each meal is delivered properly portioned, there will be no cooking waste.

In addition to new and seasonal recipes that become available on a weekly basis, Blue Apron makes all ingredient information available to users as well, including details regarding the history of farmers and suppliers.

If you are away from home when the food is delivered, not to worry. The food is delivered in a refrigerated box to keep ingredients fresh until you are ready to cook.

Here’s a twist, Blue Apron knows that in addition to being foodies, we are also professional photographers. Within the Blue Apron app is a special camera with food enhancing filters and special effects, why not show off your culinary creation with your social media followers!

Best Food Delivery Apps


Fresh Direct

Ever wanted to grocery shop like a rock star? Well, Fresh Direct wants you do exactly that! With this app/online website for food delivery, users can place and entire grocery list order from anywhere and receive it tomorrow. What can you purchase from Fresh Direct? Anything, literally,  local and organic produce, fresh seafood, meats, chef-made meals, you name it.

Best Food Delivery Apps

Visual navigation helps users shop fast and efficiently and yes, nutrition facts are available too.

The Fresh Direct app lets users scan bar codes for prices. Users are able to shop from previous orders and “favorites” lists to make things easier. In order to select a day and time for delivery, users can scan available time slots to find a time that works best for them.

Fresh Direct is currently serving the following areas: Greater New York City Area, New Jersey, Connecticut metro area, and greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania areas.

Best Food Delivery Apps

Hello Fresh

Compatible with Apple Watch, Hello Fresh takes the cake when it comes to getting a healthy dinner on the table, and tracking it. The app provides a large selection of recipes to browse and share with friends. Step-by-step guides to cooking are available in addition to tips and tricks for making your soon to be favorite meals. Notifications via Apple Watch also lets users know details regarding the status of their order.

Best Food Delivery Apps

After all is said and done and a delicious meal, prepared by you, has been enjoyed, Hello Fresh users can input the nutritional information of their meal into the Hello Fresh app. For iPhone users only (currently), this is a simple and easy way to track nutrition and calorie intake, your already using the app at this point anyway!

According to the app store, Hello Fresh is the leading meal-kit delivery service. Meals designed by Hello Fresh typically include only 5 to 6 ingredients and can all be made in about 30 minutes.

Best Food Delivery Apps


Amazon Fresh

What doesn’t Amazon do? Well, fresh food delivery is not the answer, because they do that too! With Amazon Fresh, users can have everyday essentials delivered right to their door. Not a bad option for those of us who are already avid Amazon-ers.

Best Food Delivery Apps

According to the Apple App Store, Amazon Fresh offers FREE early morning delivery for qualifying orders, a full selection of fresh groceries, including produce, dairy, meat, and seafood, and in addition, thousands of’s best selling items!

The app itself lets users easily add items to their cart from past purchases and make changes to upcoming deliveries. The Amazon Fresh app is free to download.

Best Food Delivery Apps

That’s a wrap on our list of the best food delivery apps for New Yorkers! Now get cooking, or get delivery, either way is a win win!


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