News and Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5

Will Galaxy S5 change the way people look at smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S4 that released earlier this year managed to create quite a stir. Now the news of its successor has already started doing the rounds. Not much is known about this device at the moment, but according to it will be equipped with a 64-bit processor. Samsung on its part has promised that this new device shall in no means be less than the latest handsets unveiled by Apple.

Not much else is known about the S5 at the moment, but it is being expected that with this new handset Samsung will move away from the plastic back and resort to fitting it with some sort of a metal back. Samsung in the past has received a lot of flak for casing even its higher end devices with a plastic back like it did with the Galaxy S4. This may also be the reason why with the Galaxy S4 Active, the company experimented with a metal design.

Also, with Apple releasing the plastic encased iPhone 5C for the budget segment, Samsung might be compelled to do away with the plastic body for all its premium smartphones. Rumors are rife that besides this new metal chassis, the device would come equipped with a 16 MP camera. As far as the OS is concerned, it can’t be said for sure whether this new handset will exclusively feature Android or if there will be a variant that will be powered by the Tizen OS. For those unaware, Tizen is a Linux based OS for smartphones and tablets developed by Samsung in collaboration with Intel.

The expected release date of this device is sometime in 2014. Going by Samsung’s past record one could safely hazard a guess that the Galaxy S5 might be unveiled around March and by April it might be up for purchase.

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

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