Nike President Says Relationship with Apple is “Important” and Exciting

For sometime now, there have been rumors that Nike’s Fuelband software could end up in the Apple’s iWatch. And now, Nike President and CEO, Mark Parker has added fuel to those rumors by saying relationship between Nike and Apple is vital and that Nike is “excited about where that relationship will go forward.”

Nike’s Fuelband software in Apple’s iWatch

Earlier during the week, rumors surfaced that Nike has moved to lay off its Fuelband team and has stopped building new fitness trackers because it wants to open up to other wearable platforms like iBand and iWatch.

According to Mashable, the move is a strategic one to get Apple’s customers with sights set on the iWatch. According to Parker, Nike is now focusing on the software side of Fuelband which will be part of wearables going forward. So, what Nike plans to do is to integrate Fuelband into other products that Nike creates and then look at expanding its partnerships. This is aimed at reaching more users, and the best way to do that is through finding the best possible partnership.

Nike plans to expand partnership with Apple

A source close to Nike also revealed that the move would resemble that of the Kindle where users access Kindle store through a tablet and not necessarily through a Kindle. Thus, the Nike’s Fuelband software would exist in Apple’s iWatch.

Although Parker refused to comment on the rumors, here is what he has to say: “I will just say the relationship between Nike and Apple will continue, and I am personally, as we all are at Nike, very excited about what’s to come.”

He said the overall goal of the company is to increase the number of users that use Nike’s products.

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