Nokia Lumia 925 – More Than Just An Aluminum Body

Nokia’s Lumia series have always had a stellar design, but in today’s competitive market having a phone that looks just pretty is not enough to make you switch to a Windows phone. The reason for Lumia series being so spectacular is because of its stunning cameras. Nokia’s PureView camera makes everyone run for their money and Nokia Lumia 925 is no different from them.

8.7MP Nokia Lumia camera

For starters, Lumia 925 has an aluminum body paired with a design that is just as good as the phones before it, but with significantly better quality. The main issue with the previous phone, Lumia 920, was the size, which has been corrected in this phone. It is much slimmer, easier to hold, and feels a whole lot less weight than the predecessor.

Back to the standout feature of the phone, the camera, which is of 8.7 mega pixels also has been incorporated with Carl Zeiss lenses and may not be as fancy as the 41 mega pixel camera in the Lumia 808 but consists of the same features. The PureView imaging technology has been scaled down, and most of the reviews claim that the pictures come out anywhere from good to excellent.

Best Nokia Camera App

The optical image stabilization technology takes away the usual shakes and quakes of a camera phone and makes video recording easy even for amateurs. The Nokia Camera app is available for free on all Nokia phones. Even after some initial issues, the application is a stellar extension of the camera that makes the operation a whole lot easier.

The auto mode is obviously a life saver for anyone who has no experience in photography. You can take amazing photos, and you can easily control the sport and night options if the need should arrive. For experts, the Nokia Camera app lets you control exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance as well as focus so that you can create the perfect composition in a picture.

The number one reason to go and grab a Windows phone is the camera. It is ridiculously good for an exceptionally reasonable price.

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By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

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