Nokia Normandy: What Is This Mysterious Smartphone?

The different and unusual kind of Smartphone from Nokia is quite making the headlines for being “apart from the mainstream” phones. Now there is also inquisitiveness among tech lovers on this mystery phone from Nokia. It is not yet launched, but surely it has created a lot of buzz among our mobile savvy experts. What exactly is Normandy all about? Why is it so mysterious type of Smartphone?

CNET, Times of India, New York Times, Engadget, Forbes, Gizmodo, Stuff, The Verge all the rerouted media names in the world has given a special coverage to Nokia Normandy and described it as “game-changer.”

Asha or Lumia

Nokia likes to experiment on its operating systems for mobiles. Although the current darling Lumia is a Windows phone, Nokia had conducted tests on Android operating systems too, and a type of research on Linux and the product that was uncovered was Normandy.

It was earlier called as “Asha on Linux” and then it became clear that it is an Android-running low end phone from Nokia. CTechnology’s reports show that the Nokia Normandy’s advance is being brought to a standstill along with Snapdragon 400 tablet.

The thing that increases our ambiguity is that the pictures of Nokia Normandy have been often leaked on the internet. On twitter, a user called @picturepan2 posted a picture that allegedly showcased the engineering trial product of the rumored Nokia Normandy has been leaked time and again. A live image which depicted Android OS was also shown.

Nokia Normandy in various colors

Also, a trendy mobile tipster @evleaks posted some pictures of Nokia Normandy in different colored handsets. The image that he displayed on his Twitter comprised of different colors of mobile variants- green, black, cyan, red, yellow and white. The home screen of Nokia Normandy looks remarkably like tile based user interface in Nokia Lumia as suggested in the picture.

The phone is not yet out, and still has already created a lot of hype about its presence. It is expected to be launched at MWC in Barcelona in some time around March. Let us wait and watch to know whether this phone will be “game-changer” or not.

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  1. The new Phone looks markedly different from both Windows Phone and Android.
    It is a dual-SIM phone adding weight to the claims that it might replace Nokia’s existent Asha range.

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