Why Is Nokia Planning a Cheaper Android Phone?

Nokia is planning to debut low priced Android phones. The Mobile maker whose mobile business is set to become the part of Microsoft Corporation will introduce cheaper handsets whose Operating system will be made by its biggest rival, Google.

Nokia Android phone

In a bid to maintain its market share and avoid being swallowed up by android and iOS mobile devices, Nokia has made a bold step of releasing three low-priced android-powered devices that are designed to appeal to the masses. But will this strategy really help Nokia to maintain and gain momentum in the mobile phone market? That remains to be seen.

According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, the company plans to stick to Windows for its Expensive Lumia Smartphones while the android devices will be positioned as low-cost handsets. Also, Nokia plans to divide Android in such a way that the new mobile device will run on the modified android instead of the ASOP version of Android. However, the major difference between the Nokia’s modified Android and the ASOP version of Android is that Nokia-made apps, including email, app store, MixRadio, HERE Made will replace Google’s apps and services.

Experts think that Nokia needs an alternative because its Asha platform can no longer compete with Android in emerging Smartphone markets. Although Nokia considers Asha a “smart device”, it still falls short of android’s capabilities.

Moreover, Asha can’t withstand the massive competition from China, India and other Asia-Pacific countries. Mobile users find phones from companies like ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad, LG and Samsung too good to pass. Its Lumia windows phone can’t compete either because it’s too expensive.

For this reason, Nokia has no choice but to be inventive. Nokia can’t allow its market share to be eroded by the likes of Samsung, ZTE and LG.

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