NVIDIA’s GRID VCA now available to graphic crunching pros at a cool $24,900

While it won’t supercharge Crysis or other games like its upcoming Cloud Gaming device may, NVIDIA’s GRID Visual Computing Appliance is now up for grabs to designers, animators and visual production types for $24,900 plus a $2,400 yearly software license fee. That sum will merely get you the starter model consisting of 8 GPUs, 16 threads of CPU and 192GB of RAM to service up to 8 users, while the 16 GPU model — which doubles all that up — is hitting the dreaded “contact us” price point. For reasonable-sized studios with multiple designers or artists, though, it’d allow humdrum machines to link up via a network and still crunch complex models — making the price rather beside the point for us individual users. For more info, hit the PR after the jump.

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