One App to find everything – in Mexico!

Locked out of your apartment at midnight and want to find a locksmith? What about an emergency plumber?

Running out of fuel and need to find the nearest gas station?

Need an ATM? Are you trying to find the closest drugstore, flower shop or restaurant? Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants?

The answer to this questions is simple… Buscaclick!

logo-pagina-inicial-BC App is a business browser that helps you to find almost everything you need on your day-to-day situations where you are located or anywhere else. The purpose of the platform is to help the users find everything they need in just one app.

We have other apps to find this and that, such as Foursquare, but this single app helps you find almost everything and anything – not just stores. From a barbershop and salon, to an electrician or plumber, or even just a grocery store.

Using a geolocation tool, the platform shows you results within the selected area (10 miles suggested) but if you need to find anything in another city, you can adjust the browser to any location or category.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.56.06 AM

Plus, the “how to get there” tool locates your position through Google Maps and traces for you the fastest route to get to the place you have selected.

Unfortunately, Buscaclick is currently only in service in Mexico, but we can see the potential of this platform to expand to the U.S. and the rest of Latin America. Have you come across an App in another country that could work in the US? Share with us your findings and suggestions!


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