Online Dating Red Flags

Online dating can be a great way to meet your future partner. There are many reasons why it can be difficult to meet someone in your day to day life, but meeting someone through a dating service connects you with other people who have your same listed interests, values and desires. An impressive 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online—and you can count on that number growing every year!

Online Dating Red Flags

However, with all the benefits of online dating, there are also some red flags you should be aware of. Not everyone who meets these criteria are liars or wish you harm, but it’s a good idea to make sure you know when to be wary in order to keep yourself safe.

Blurry Photos

Not everyone loves having their picture taken, and that is okay! However, if someone’s photo is blurry or is of something else entirely different to a person you may want to proceed with caution. It usually means they don’t want you to see their face or, more typically, they aren’t interested in finding a significant other online at all and may have ulterior motives.

This doesn’t mean you should automatically negate the person if they have a photo of, say, a puppy, but just be aware those with blurry or nonexistent photos are probably not in it for the same reasons as you.

They Won’t Talk On The Phone Before Meeting

Unlike not posting a photo, people who refuse to talk on the phone before meeting are usually bad news. What reason would they have for not speaking on the phone? It’s not a massive inconvenience and it’s only the smart thing to do. If they won’t do this and want to meet automatically, it usually means something is going on and it’s probably best to stay away from this kind of person. Don’t fall to cat-fishing, ask your match to chat is perfectly normal and friendly.

They Want To Meet In A Sketchy Or Isolated Area

This is kind of online-anything 101, but if someone wants to meet you in an isolated to sketchy area something is wrong and you absolutely shouldn’t do it. We’ve all seen the horror movies, and while there’s a small chance the person may mean you no harm, it’s not worth the risk. You should always meet someone in a busy area or in an area you feel safe. Better yet, you can suggest the meeting place (your favorite restaurant, cafe, bar or park). There’s no point in putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

Online dating can be great and it’s slowly losing its stigma, but with all of its perks there are still some downsides and red flags you should keep an eye out for—all in the name of your own safety. Other notable red flags are profiles that seem too good to be true, take too long to reply or people who are vague about their past, availability or their life in general. There are both pros and cons to online dating. Ultimately, just use your judgment and you’ll be fine and meeting some great people in the online dating world.


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