On Wander – What’s The Fuzz About?

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Wander seems to be the next big thing among the social media apps, however… Wander has been working for almost a year on this app. When you go to their website you can log-in via your Twitter or Facebook account. I tried it with both my accounts, but nothing happened. Then I decided to try it the old-fashioned way: by mail. And it worked. I got the chance to reserve my username and create a password. Then they direct you to their website where you get a preview of what the app actually is. It looks like a nice version of Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare – all in one.


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The concept very much looks like Instagram – posting a lot of beautiful pictures. It looks like on Wander, this is more place-related, that’s where the Foursquare concept comes in. Wander’s headline is: “I’d rather be in…” and then you post a pictures of a place where you’d rather be in and eventually what you want to be doing there. For example “I’d rather be in Spain, eating paella.” And the pictures are really pretty – just like the pictures on Pinterest! By posting your pictures, you create your own “Wanderlog”.

The app is taking a while to launch, but  it really seems an interesting thing! At least I can’t wait to start using this app! Have you heard about Wander? Let us know!

Jackie Devine

Jackie Devine

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