A Look At the Top Three Wireless Charging Devices Now Available

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is fast becoming one of the most sought after capabilities in today’s modern, mobile-computing world. The capacity to pack your smartphone or tablet with power, without having to plug anything in, can make things much easier in areas where conventional charging methods are unavailable. In order to help you sift through

How To Use Your Smartphone as a Modem

One of the most attractive aspects of mobile computing is the ability to connect to the internet, and subsequently many of your files, data and media content, regardless of where you may be. While most times this is accomplished using WiFi, those times where it is unavailable makes a backup plan necessary. One of the most useful alternative sources

Trust the Stars and the Internet to Find Your Next Love Interest

He loves you, she loves you not. That’s just how dating works sometimes. But by incorporating astrology and a range of filters, MiuMeet’s free dating app hopes to help members find what they are looking for in partners. Members can upload pictures (including ones from Facebook), write a description, and select their interests. Popular interest groups include

Google is Taking Control of its Android brand

Android is known for its customizability and the fact that the same OS can look completely different depending on which manufacturer (OEM) you decide to go with. Samsung’s TouchWiz looks very different to HTC’s Sense – it may have the same functionality underneath, but there is no mistaking that the two Android skins look different

Mobile Apps have begun Digitalizing Grocery coupons

According to Adage, consumers are using mobile tools to find manufacturer deals and make buying lists as they trawl the stores. For a long time, phones have mainly been used for shopping of electronics, entertainment products and restaurants. However, food and medicine are emerging as another category that is attracting mobile shopping. According to Omnicom

Kickstarter Project: Smart Accessory For Watches

Tick, tock- it’s time to get smart. A Canadian trio launched Glance, a smart accessory for watches, through the fundraising platform Kickstarter. The curved wedge slides under your wristband with a small screen visible above the strap. Using Bluetooth, Glance receives message alerts, provides caller ID, sends custom ‘busy’ text replies, and finds your misplaced

Google Introduces its biggest ever update to Android: Android L

In what was a huge day for Android news, the biggest announcement at Google I/O was probably the new version of Android, Android L, that is coming out later this summer. We’re not exactly sure what the “L” stands for currently, but we do know that it features a completely redesigned UI, improved security, performance,

Best Dating App: CiaoYou!

You’ve certainly been in a similar situation before: you get on the train and you spot a hottie, but you didn’t get a chance to talk. How can you know if you will ever see him again? Or you’ve noticed the girl of your dreams driving by, how can you possibly ever connect with her?

An Irish Linux Engineer Builds His Own Mobile Phone Using a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi—what can’t this tiny computer do? Although Smartphones may have hit the mobile technology saturation point in the market, hackers and independent inventors have used recyclable electronics, computer parts and circuit boards to build things like media streamers, games console and outer space camera. And now, a Smartphone has been added to that

Adobe Rolls Out a New Standalone Mobile Storytelling App for iPad

Adobe is well known for many of its Award Winning software products such as Lightroom and Photoshop for its desktop customers. Increasingly, however, Adobe is beginning to explore the mobile market. On Thursday 8th, May, Adobe launched Adobe Voice, an all-new story telling App for mobile users. How it Works According to the company’s website,

New Online Dating App For Lesbians: Dattch

“Dattch: Meet Great Lesbian and Bisexual Women”, is the motto of this new online dating app. Dattch is built by women and ONLY for women! The founders of this app understand the fact that the lesbian/guy community is still being “left out” in the online dating world and they decided to change all that with

Amazon 3D Fire Phone – Amazon’s new phone comes with a 3D display

After months of speculation, Amazon has officially unveiled its very first smartphone today (June 18th) at an event in Seattle, Washington. As previously rumored, the device comes with a 3D display. The official announcement comes after Amazon had recently released a video teasing the device earlier in this month. The video showed customers reacting to

What Cool New Mobile Tech Can We Expect At Apple’s WWDC This Year?

Each and every year, Apple executives and top brass all come together at their WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) to outline new innovations for the coming year. Consumers from all walks of life come together to check out this eagerly-anticipated event, hoping to catch a glimpse of something they can look forward to. Given Apple’s track

iCloud Drive: Apple’s Newest Bid To Annihilate Dropbox and Google Drive

This year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) brought a ton of exciting news from Apple. From new versions pending for both iOS and OS X, to smart-home integration with Apple products, this year’s conference was a smashing hit with both industry professionals and end users alike. One announcement in particular is sure to signal a welcome

Blackphone: The “NSA Proof” smartphone

In about three weeks time, SGP Technologies’ Blackphone will stealthily enter the mainstream market after being available for preorder since the beginning of the year. The smartphone is designed for privacy and security and runs a modified version of Android called PrivatOS. The Blackphone was developed from a partnership between Geeksphone and security firm Silent

The iWatch: Apple’s Smartwatch Is Confirmed For Release This Fall

The close of Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) has arrived, bringing mixed feelings of sadness at its departure and excitement at all of the cool new gadgets that will be making their debut in the coming months. From new versions of both iOS 8 and OS X, to a newly redesigned Retina Macbook Air, Apple

Guardian Angel: This Wearable Tech Might Just Save Your Life

Wearable tech of all shapes and types has been springing up all over the place in recent years. With the amazing leaps we have made in mobile technology comes the opportunity to use it in more capacities than just smartphones, tablets or laptops. A perfect example of this would be the highly-touted, upcoming device, Google

Leaked: LG G watch specs, price and release date

Based on latest tweets by @upleaks we have some exciting news about the all new LG G Watch that is set for release this summer. As a direct competitor to the new Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 – we have a comparison below based on the new leaks. Screen The G Watch will feature a 1.65

Radiation Levels for 2014 Flagship Phones

The guidelines for cell phone radiation (RF) was created in August, 1996, by the FCC after input from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These guidelines took into account the rate at which

Google: “New Self-Driving Cars Can Tackle Chaotic Streets”

Google has announced that its self-driving cars can now be able to maneuver through busy city streets.  This is a more complex situation than the highway driving that was initially focused on. As Google notes, a mile of driving in the city is much more complex than driving on the freeway. This is because there

The New Tony Hawk game coming soon to mobile devices

On 27th Feb 2014, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk revealed on Larry King Live that he was working on a new skateboarding game for mobile phone devices. And now, Activision has confirmed that Tony Hawk’s Shred Session will be launched exclusively on mobile devices. The former professional skater briefly told Bloomberg that the mobile game he is

Jolla: It’s our OS running on Android devices

For those who can recall, Nokia had an Operating System called MeeGo that it later axed in favor of Windows Phone. So, some of those building MeeGo left to form Jolla, a company that went on to develop its own operating system called Sailfish. According to Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimaki, Jolla, being a smaller company

Codename Superman, Nokia’s Windows Phone to be Released Soon

Even though Nokia is being absorbed by Microsoft, signs are still abundant that the NOKIA brand is still very much alive and won’t be dying. Recently, Nokia announced three phones:  the Lumia 930, the Lumia 630 and the Lumia 635. And there are chances that the launching spree is likely to continue with the new

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is official: here are the details!

The digital world has gotten used to news of giant phone makers releasing giant 5-7 inches Smartphones. But when a phone with a giant protruding camera is released, it sure becomes something to gawk at.  That is exactly what Samsung has done when it unveiled the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom on 29th April. It seems

LG G3 Specs: Price, Release Date, News and Rumors

The Korean Phone Manufacturer, LG, is set to bring the fight for Global phone market right to the doorsteps of its competitors. For those who can recall last year’s LG G2, LG brought together innovative features and top flight specs that put LG back up on the mobile industry. Alongside its Nexus 4, Nexus 5

XPERIA Z2 To Be Exclusively Sold Online

Sony’s biggest, most powerful phone, Xperia Z2 may have attracted many plaudits when it was launched at the Mobile World Congress in February, but its fans may have to wait longer before they can snag it one in-person from the stores, at least for now. The company has just confirmed that the only place to

Samsung vs. Apple: The Battle Over Patents Wages Steadily On

For nearly four years now, two tech-industry giants have been furiously battling over which company infringed on the other in regards to mobile hardware and software patents. The two companies in question, Samsung and Apple, are two of the leaders of today’s smartphone industry, making this war one of extreme importance to mobile-tech aficionados. In

Mobile Tech Contributions to Healthcare & Patient Experiences

Although it is now possible to mobile deposit a check using your phone and discarding the paper document, it is almost impossible to schedule a medical appointment without making a call to the physician’s office.  The technology has been available for well over ten years and yet it has only penetrated a tiny fraction of

Google Defeats patent Troll in Court, Awarded $1 nominal costs

In 2010, Google reached a licensing agreement with Beneficial Innovations with the intention of stopping Beneficial’s lawsuits against its customers. Since 2007, the patent hold company had been suing the search engine’s customers over patents relating to advertising and online gamers. Users of Google’s DoubleClick ad are some of those who were sued. Consequently, Google

Why Is Nokia Planning a Cheaper Android Phone?

Nokia is planning to debut low priced Android phones. The Mobile maker whose mobile business is set to become the part of Microsoft Corporation will introduce cheaper handsets whose Operating system will be made by its biggest rival, Google. In a bid to maintain its market share and avoid being swallowed up by android and

Android, iOS or Windows: Which Mobile OS Is Right For You?

Over the past several years, the mobile-device industry has grown into such a monstrosity that it is fast overtaking the traditional desktop market, in terms of overall internet access and activity. This is due primarily to the surge in power of mobile devices, as well as fast, solid connection speeds over data networks. As in

LinkedUp! Online Dating App

Scared of online dating because you might end up with someone who turns out is unemployed? That won’t happen with LinkedUp!, a brand new online dating app that uses your LinkedIn profile to find perfect “matches” Yes, this app is like Tinder and LinkedIn all-in-one! We’re happy that for once it’s not Facebook that’s linked

Rise of the Cricket Wireless Nation

AT&T is pushing its prepaid wireless approach, and with the re-launch of Cricket Wireless it’s certainly taking shape. The re-launched service Wireless runs on the 4G LTE network of AT&T, which is definitely a big improvement. Part of the re-launch, which started on May 18th, Cricket opened 3,000 new stores nationwide to promote Cricket Wireless.

The Top Mobile Browsers of 2014: Which Is Right For You?

Browsing the internet is currently one of the top uses for smartphones and tablets. In fact, according to recent studies, over 25 percent of smartphone users only access the internet from their mobile device. This has led to a projection of an increase in mobile traffic by over 26 times within the coming years. With

Transform your wardrobe via Wearable Tech? Find out how!

It goes without saying that this is the age of technological breakthroughs. Google may be in the frontline of making eye-computers, but there are plenty of things to watch out for in terms of wearable-tech. Just have a look at four significant developments you might expect in not so distant future. 1. Self-Lacing Shoes This self-lacing

Finding the right mobile device screen protector

Mobile device screen protectors abound, but which is the right one for you? As a matter of fact, cell phones and smartphones are expensive devices, and it can be heartbreaking to find scratches on their screens, as well as other forms of dirt. This can count heavily against you, especially if you want to sell

Quitbit – The Smart Lighter And Smoking Tracking App

This Kickstarter project is one that focuses on the ones among us who like to light a cigarette once in a while (or more often). The Quitbit, a smart lighter, will help smokers with their smoking habits by measuring it and trying to control your smoking pattern. Trying to quit smoking once and for all?

Top ranked gambling game apps for 2014

Nowadays, the technology is advancing with a tremendous speed. Every other day we hear about a new technological breakthrough aimed at making our life easier. Admittedly, the mobile phones and portable computers have undergone a significant improvement at the recent years and apart from the purely entertaining aspect, they are irreplaceable assistants in the business and personal matters but we shouldn’t underestimate their ability

Amazon Set to Release First 3D Smartphone Later This Year

Ever since its inception in 1994, Amazon has become one of the leaders of the virtual world the internet has brought to us. First started primarily as an online book retailer, Amazon has grown to a behemoth, whose name is virtually synonymous with internet sales. Amazon is nowhere near finished with making its mark, a

Google Is Testing New Gmail Redesign!

If you use Gmail, you will most likely experience some huge differences in the near future because Google is testing out some major changes on the desktop-based version of Gmail. The easy-to-use email platform is about to get more efficient and more pleasant. According to Geek’s report, the user interface will be completely different and

Umoove: Human-computer interaction

Listen Up! Dynamic apps that enhance human-computer interactions are the next big thing. The prospect of having a mobile app that creates an eye and face tracking solution, and compatible with all mobile devices is insanely impressive. That is exactly what Umoove, founded in 2010, has done. Actually, Umoove is a dynamic app that delivers

Experiencing a Dwindling Eye Sight? Try GLASSESOFF App

Glassesoff has released a new app! This is a revolutionary iPhone app that will make it unnecessary to carry your reading glasses. There are hundreds of millions of people around the globe who experience problems with their vision during reading as a result of deteriorated eye visual due to aging. If you are one of

Is it better to have a cross-platform mobile app?

A cross-platform mobile app is an app that can work across the top platforms: iOS, Windows Phone and Android. It is a promise of cloud storage that will enable customers to access data anytime, everywhere, on any mobile device. As such, many are of the view that cross-platform tools (CPTs) can be used to solve

10 Mobile security issues that should worry you!

The security issues associated with mobile devices is nothing short of scary despite the massive successes that have been experienced in the mobile industry. According to some researchers, mobile security will be the greatest concern in 2014, in the work environment and that there are mobile security loopholes waiting to be exploited by malicious fellows.

Leaked New 2014 HTC One Gold Photos

HTC’s fans await exciting updates as the company plans to unveil its next-generation flagship Smartphone in the coming days. From all indications, the new HTC One Gold will be a continuation from last year’s HTC One, but it is believed the latest version features better enhancements and tweaks. The 2014 HTC One images have been

Flyfit: The fitness tracker to strap to your ankle

When you think about it, the vast majority of tech makers make wristbands when it comes to fitness, and there are plenty of them to choose from. As a matter of fact, most fitness wearable trackers focus exclusively on Cardio exercises such as running, biking, swimming-focused on the lower body. And the question is, is

Has the Popularity of Tablets Waned?

Although many industry experts predicted that 2014 will experience a surge in the popularity of tablets, figures on the ground suggest otherwise. According to 2013 tablet shipment statistics by the International Data Corporation (IDC), global tablet shipment experienced an unprecedented decline (-9.7%) in the first quarter of 2013. However, it must be noted that tablets

Are Smartphones Truly Safe for Your Children?

With the extreme proliferation of smartphones over the last several years comes the inevitable question of whether or not these devices are safe for children. As our most valuable natural resource, considerations for child safety are paramount, making this concern an extremely important one. So are these handy pieces of tech truly safe in the

Best Dating App: POF (PLENTY OF FISH)

If you ever broke up with someone, you’ve certainly had someone telling you that “there’s plenty of other fish” in the sea. POF (Plenty Of Fish), an only dating app proves the statement right! With over 55 million members and more than 200 exchanged messages per week, you’ll have a big change to find “the

HTC Repents For Its High End Smartphone Hubris!

Many observers are asking the question: is the end of honeymoon for the Taiwanese Handset maker HTC nigh? Not long ago, HTC attempted to raise its Smartphone game to match that of the likes of Samsung and Apple. Little did the company know that the playing field at that level is not the same as

Wearable Tech: The Next Step In the Evolution of Mobile Computing

It is difficult in today’s society to turn around without bumping into a new technology or innovation when it comes to mobile computing. Augmented reality, NFC (near field communication) and increasingly-sophisticated smartphones are all redefining the world we live in, and the way we interact with it. However, it would be difficult to present an

What We Can Expect From Apple’s Newest Mobile OS: iOS 8

Apple has long been considered one of the top names in mobile computing in general, and mobile operating systems in specific. This trend is expected to continue in full with the release of their newest incarnation of their flagship mobile OS, iOS 8. iOS 8 has been codenamed “Okemo” is expected to make its first

Google: The Next Big Name In Wireless Service?

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices have truly become the go-to hardware for a lion’s share of today’s computing situations and needs. Unfortunately, the work you do and the activities you enjoy on them can only be as fulfilling as the network they are run upon. Data caps, no bars, excessive contracts…all of these

The worst Android bloatware on US smartphone manufacturers and carriers!

Most Android phones come with useless software/apps that are pre-installed by the device manufacturer and/or your carrier (looking at you Samsung and Verizon). This is what we call “bloatware” and it takes up valuable storage space on your device and drain your battery by running discreetly in the background.   To give you an example,

New App To Look For: “Need” for Social Networking

Looking for a new social networking app? Check out Need, a fresh app (only 3 months old) that was created by a small team in San Francisco! Need is often compared to Jelly (a similar app), so you might already have an idea already about what Need really is about if you’re familiar with new