Automatic Is Your Personal Smart Driving Assistant (App + Device)

New apps are getting developed every day. But this one I just had to share with you! A personal driving assistant that will save you money on your car? Yes, that’s the kind of app I would use! Today’s featured app is Automatic, an app that connects your car and smartphone for the ultimate driving experience. To

Best Dating App: Tingle

” Tingle – A great reason to be single”, doesn’t this catchy motto just makes you want to download the online dating app right away? With Tingle, you can meet other singles and meet up but you can also just flirt online and make phone calls for short fun. The best part? You don’t have

Top 4 Reasons Why Video Games Can Become Addictive

According to recent studies, in the year 2013 some children spent almost 20 hours of their day just playing video games. In addition, 9% of 3034 child participants in a focus group study turned out to be video game addicts. From consoles and PC games, to mobile games, children has easy access to the newest

Samsung’s Smart Bulb Connects With Your Android Devices

Only a few days after the announcement of the LG Smart Lamp light bulbs, Samsung couldn’t be behind any longer and announced the Smart Bulb.  The Smart Light Bulb that consists of LED lights, can be connected to all your Android devices to control them very easily. It works on Bluetooth technology, which enables you

Google Fiber: Where Next?

We gave up on copper wires and got optic fiber cables in exchange. Does that mean that we entered an era of fast and furious? Since it has entered the homes of selected cities in the USA, Google Fiber doesn’t cease to be an attraction. Even the most demanding users must agree with the fact

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On A Mobile App?

When spending money on apps, how much is too much? If you go by popular opinion, any price is too high. ABI recently did a survey which showed that most of us aren’t paying anything for the apps we use. In July/2013, Flurry, an app analytic service, researched app pricing. The results suggested that consumers,

Virgin Atlantic Can Now Check You In With Google Glass

Nowadays, how often do we get a brand new technology widely adapted to suit its requirements? Virgin Atlantic will now use the latest wearable technology from Google – Glass! The airline staff members will use the Google glass to check-in and present their passengers with a lot of useful information. They are also being fit with smartwatches

Onyx MIDIA InkPhone: the e-ink cellphone of 2014?

Watch out smartphones, we have a different gadget coming up on the radar. Check out the prototype of the MIDIA InkPhone, an e-reader that is also a phone. This InkPhone is only E ink display, which means no LCD! The display is 4.3-inches and front-lit – just like similar e-readers on the market.   Onyx, a

Get “Unsocial” With The Cloak App

Cloak is the perfect app if your rather not see those annoying persons that apparently are in your area. How does it exactly work? Link your Instagram and Foursquare account to the Cloak app and the app will automatically give you a notification when one of your Instagram/Foursquare friends are nearby. It’s the perfect way to

7 Apps Every Frugal Person Must Have!

In an era of government shutdowns, parting with money could not be even more excruciating. However, it is also an era of real-time communication and really clever gadgets, and frugality has never been more achievable.   With the help of your tablet or smartphone, you can capitalise on hundreds of apps designed to help you

Recap: National Day of.. Unplug from Tech Devices!

Did you unplug for National Day of Unplugging last week? From March 7th to 8th, people all over the world were pledging to unplug from mobile and tech devices! Members of a network, Reboot, founded this day in 2002 to help impact the world in all the right ways. Reboot gives a great summary for

Could Your Next Tinder Match Be With A Celebrity?

Not only “unknown” people are trying to find their perfect match on Tinder, even celebrities are! Hey, no one wants to be lonely and since Tinder is the hottest online dating app out there right now, celebs see it as the opportunity to find someone to fill that empty whole. But the thing is, celebrities

B2B Mobile Hospitality Platform GuestDriven Raises $3 Million To Grow Platform

GuestDriven, the B2B travel start-up company based in Montreal (Canada), is a mobile hospitality platform that gives hospitality brands the opportunity to engage with their guests and give them a better hospitality experience. With the possibilities of analyzing customers’ behavior, spending powers, interests and more GuestDriven is the perfect mobile platform for the hospitality industry

App To Look For:

If you’re not an organized and structured person, and you have a lot to do during the day, it can create chaos and stress in your life! But why make it difficult when there’s an app like that helps you organize your day? Forget the stress, just run through your tasks one at a

Smartphones Do Not Really Make You Smart, Says Study

A math teacher asked his pupils, “You want to do a little bit of basic arithmetic calculation – What will you do?” The students replied, “Launch Calculator app on Smartphone!” Anyway, jokes apart, it has been a worrying sign for our generation that Smartphone’s actually make you tired and unproductive. To get a sound night’s

App to Look For: Disco Zoo!

This week, our App to Look For is a fun, free game from the makers of TinyTower – Disco Zoo! Pixelated animals and zoo patrons, all ready for a party! There are common, rare, and mythical animals just waiting to be uncovered – literally. This game involves building up a zoo with animals uncovered from

Dating App: 3nder

We all know the Tinder dating app right now, but what happens next? After you’ve found your ultimate Tinder crush (or not), 3nder is going to be waiting for you.. maybe! Yes, it may seem ridiculous but there are Apps for everyone. C’est la vie! 3nder is the new dating app where threesomes are made,

Facebook Tests Mobile Graph Search

The social-networking giant Facebook has scheduled to release a whole set of new applications for Smartphone in 2014. This clue well suits the room about news for Facebook Graph Search for mobile phones. It seems that Graph Search is soon going to become a significant part of that wholesale release. The product is a budding

Chromecast: Which Apps are supported?

What is actually Chromecast for a layman? It is the world of online video viewing using your HDTV and (as limitations of human mind) the only area Google has left to spread its reach. Its official website Chromecast-Google defines it as “Chromecast is the simplest approach to enjoy online video and music on your Television. Plug

Predictions For Mobile – In 2018!

There have been a lot of speculations as what to expect from mobile in the year 2018. What will be the fate of the mobile world in 2018? Well, it’s great news ahead. We have mobile world booming in the next four years. Let us look at the statistical report by Cisco. In 2013, about

Japanese City [Osaka] Gets Free Wi-Fi!

City-wide Wi-Fi access is now increasing throughout the cities of developed countries, in a bid to attract international tourists for ease of accessing the internet. Many leading world cities have the concept of free Wi-Fi within their limits to show they had embraced the ultra-modern technology culture. As many nations of the high-income world in

Awesome Mobile Game Apps: Kairosoft Ltd!

Have you played the mobile sim games Oh Edo Towns or Hot Spring Story? These games are developed by the Japanese developer Kairosoft Ltd Mobile Games and here is a brief story about this leading giant!

Best Dating App: Badoo for iOS and Android

From 2013 to 2014, we are in the era of mobile dating apps! If you’re single and looking, you must have tried a dating app by now. At Top Mobile Trends, we review the best dating apps out there. This week, our featured app is Badoo. Badoo is a location-based dating app, as most are,

Featured Tech Kickstarter: ARK

 ARK – The Next Generation Portable Wireless Charger by BEZALEL Corp.  ARK, the next generation portable charger empowers your phone at anytime, anywhere and most important, all wirelessly. Wireless chargers might be one of the most convenient tech devices, second to our smartphones. Having to reserve battery power or carrying a wired charger (and looking for

Useful Phones Cases! Stickable iPhone Paperback Notes

Post-it notes for iPhone on the back cover! Well, we know there are note taking applications at your fingertips – But that is somewhere inside your numerous folders on your phone, but with the traditional paper ink note, these notes are always effective and can be attached to the back of the iPhone, suggests Techviva.

App To Look For: Splitwise

Splitting the cost of rent, owing someone money or knowing that some people still owe you can be all very confusing. Splitwise is an app that keeps everything simply organized for you. The app gives you an overview of how much you owe people and how much people owe you. It also keeps track of

The Wearable Technology Show

The Wearable Technology Show has announced its conference speaker lineup for the event, in London on the 18th & 19th of March 2014. Over two days, delegates will hear from more than 70 speakers in what is already Europe’s number one event for the wearable technology industry. The opening keynote will be given by Steve

Samsung S Health: Upgrade In The Works!

Are there any Samsung S series users out there? You definitely might have used S Health application. With S Health, you can always manage your health on the go. The S Health app makes your device a powerhouse of personal health management. Recently, we got news that Samsung software team is ready to launch an

Apple iWatch Rumors- Are They Real?

Despite being short of authorized evidence from Apple Inc. that its long-awaited iWatch really is present, murmurs about iWatch and its probable features go on to keep technologists wondering about the latest wearable product. There was news that Steve Jobs’ enterprise is full of activity to work out the latent loopholes in the progress of

App To Look For: Dumb Ways To Die

Attack of the addictive mobile games. Sure, they’re fun, but so frustrating! This game is silly, colorful, and down right fun. Enjoy 15 hilarious mini-games as you attempt to collect all the charmingly dumb characters for your train station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous music video that started it all. From piranhas and platforms

Best Dating App: Avocado – for Couples

Top Mobile Trends wanted to share another awesome mobile dating app, but this one is for couples, rather than for finding a date! Avocado, is the fun, private, and secure app for couples to stay connected. Send messages, share calendars and lists, send photos, and much more! It’s just for you two. It features a

Featured Tech Kickstarter: iCPooch

iCPooch — Internet Pet Treat Delivery & Video Chat by Bondgy, Inc. Kickstart has been the green light for many tech inventions. In 2012, a 12 year old girl presented an innovative idea in regards to pet owners and their pups. I think this is a great idea for pet lovers, as well as helping animals

Oculus Rift: Rebirth Of the Virtual Boy?

One of the things that caught the eye in CES 2014 was Oculus Rift. It was one of the leading talking points after the show and technologists across the globe called it the “revolutionary” product. What exactly it is? It is a pair of engineered glass and headphones that creates the illusion of a virtual

Reasons To Recycle Your Old Phones

We all have heard the niche “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” Recycling has all to do with the environment and “Go Green” stances. We can recycle almost everything. Yes, even the mobile phone that you are carrying with you can be recycled. There are lots of manufacturers that are now inclined towards recycling your old technical gadgets.

Pebble Gets An Upgrade At CES 2014

The smart watch from Pebble gets an upgrade in 2014. Now when it launched the latest smart watch version with improved features, it took care of all the problems that were faced by integration of Smartphone’s with smart watches. Let us see what the CEO of Pebble Technologies have to say on this. CEO Eric

App To Look For: GoTask

GoTask (Google Task client) is a great new productivity app! Keep your to-do list in line by sorting your tasks and scheduling alerts. The best thing about this app is that it is simple. No bells and whistles, so you can focus on getting the job done. It is free from the App store!  

Best Dating Apps: Delightful

“Bringing you closer, one date at the time.” This is Delightful’s motto and the app tries everything to make it happen. Sometimes you want to take your date somewhere new or you are just running out of inspiration. A walk in the park and going to the movies is fun, but change is good and

Intel’s Smart Bowl

At CES, the technology conference in Las Vegas, Intel announced its tech innovations but the only one that really stood out was the Charging Bowl. You know how it goes, you come home from a long working day and you don’t have the energy to put away all your gadgets (and the other non-electronic stuff

Five Top Problems With Ipads

Here, you can get a fair idea about the key problems and issues that arise in one of the most popular tablets – the iPad. Though the iPad being one of the most popular and sought after tablets across the globe, here is a list of the top five problems faced by all the iPad

Nokia Normandy: What Is This Mysterious Smartphone?

The different and unusual kind of Smartphone from Nokia is quite making the headlines for being “apart from the mainstream” phones. Now there is also inquisitiveness among tech lovers on this mystery phone from Nokia. It is not yet launched, but surely it has created a lot of buzz among our mobile savvy experts. What

No More Germs On Your Smartphone Thanks To PhoneSoap

Our phones pick up a lot of germs, that’s not a secret. And did you know that our phones hold up more germs than toilet seats, toilet handles and door knobs? Phone Soap is the perfect solution to kill 99.99% of all those bacterias on your phone. Phone Soap is a nice box which charges

App To Look For: Behance 3.0

Behance, the official iOS app of the popular creative platform of the same name, has just been updated to version 3.0!   Released back in December 2011 for iPhone and iPod touch, Behance for iOS has finally gone universal for iPad and iPad mini — the better to see and showcase collections of creative work

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors- What to expect?

The Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iPhone 5s is currently trending in the technology market. The internet is flooded with rumors and speculations about Samsung’s next smartphone. What is next for the Samsung Galaxy? What are the specs? Let us look what online communities are saying about Galaxy S5, from physical specs to internal upgrades: Physical

Typo Iphone Keyboard Case

Some people have trouble with the keyboard of their iPhones. Some might find it unhandy or the letters are too small so you end up making a lot of mistakes. Typo understands this problem and has therefore created the Typo iPhone Keyboard Case. The case is designed especially for iPhone 5 and 5s. You “click”

Vensette Beauty App

Vensette is the perfect app for busy women who still want to look good in a matter of time! Just got off work and have to be at a party in 2 hours? Then this app will save you! Vensette is the first app that collaborates with freelance beauty and hair professionals and luxury hotels.

Featured Tech Kickstarter: Monsieur

Thanks to Kickstarter, a lot of apps and devices are seeing the light of day! One of these is Monsieur, an App and Device that becomes your personal Bartender.

Get Fit With Strava

Strava is a social fitness app. With all the social apps nowadays, the Strava app doesn’t come as a surprise! Strava is an online community with athletes all over the world, who connect with each other to compete and get fit together. These athletes don’t just quit or give up because of a bad day or bad

Goji Smart Lock – Forget Those Keys!

Announced as one of CES 2014’s best gadgets, Goji ensures you’ll never need your door keys again! The brand presents itself as “the most advanced door lock for your home”. Goji is sealed onto your door and connected to your home Wi-Fi. Just download the Goji Mobile App to get access to enter your house

Youghty – Competitions Through Photo Sharing

  Competitions are fun, and so is sharing pictures – so why not combining them? That’s exactly what Youghty is all about! Youghty lets you share your pictures, follow others and like their pictures  ( sounds familiar, right?). But there’s more to it. Youghty creates competitions which make sharing pictures extra fun. An example of a

App To Look For: Sunrise

Apps are a huge part of our lives, admit it. Our smartphones are built up of our own customized selection of apps – from games and photo editing, to to-do lists and exercise recording. If you need it, there is an App for it! Although there are a million Apps, Top Mobile Trends wants to

4K Resolution TVs

4K resolution TV or 4K Ultra is the ‘four times HD’ TV, and it has finally arrived for consumers in 2013, and with the CES 2014  there is a prevalent expectation that one will get to see and know more about this 4K TV this year. In the humblest terms, 4K means  3840×2160 resolution, it

Are Foldable Phones The Future?

The Flip phones have gone by, followed by popular Smartphone’s and its long exhaustive line in our competitive cell phone world. Now, for something to break the ice even further, the industry has announced the arrival of foldable phones adhering to unimaginable technology and superseding expectations. Samsung, in specific, has taken this initiative. Surprisingly, it

Momento – Your Personal Diary App

With social media making everything that’s going on in our lives public, it’s nice to have an app to keep a personal diary that for once doesn’t get exposed to the world wide web. Momento makes it easy to look back and reflect about moments in your life by keeping a personal diary. Write your

Android OS Overwhelming? Helpouts On The Way!

For all those who have problems with Windows PC or Android app or OS – Helpout is here. Helpouts is a video chat service introduced by Google, built on the interface and servers of Hangouts. This is a chat based help out zone and is designed specifically for users to connect with experts and learn

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Roku is a little box that makes it easy to enjoy the best movies, all favorite TV programs, and music of your choice, various games and much more on your TV by streaming it directly from the Internet. Lots of people use Roku every day to access their favorite form of entertainment instantly as per

Are Phones Made Out Of “Too Cheap” Materials?

Mobile phones are made from different materials. Materials range from glass, ceramics, paper, metals, rubber and plastics. And as we all know that every phone is prone to its share of marks, scratches, dents, dings or even shattered glass from those unexpected drops. So why does that happen? Are the phones made out of “too

Kolibree: The Smart Toothbrush

If you want to save hundreds of dollars a year by not having to see a dentist, Kolibree will help you with it!

Kolibree is world’s first app-connected electric toothbrush.

App To Look For: VSCO Cam

Top Mobile Trend’s featured App To Look For is VSCO Cam. This is a photo editing app, similar to Instagram, but which much more creative editing options. It is available on both iOS and Android!

The Best Cloud Storage Platforms – Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud

In the recent times of countless data storage and data sharing, Cloud storage is one of the best options available where you can keep your business’s vital data safe and accessible. With the advent of cloud storage and cloud servers, it has become extremely easy and accessible to backup all the crucial files and data

Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5 – which “5” phone is the best?

With the launch of Nexus 5, the battle between iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android users just went a notch higher, with Google saying that Nexus 5 is one of the best that offers and with Apple believing that iPhone 5 is the best iPhone ever made. According to Anandtech’s in-depth standard tests, the iPhone

Best Dating App: Couple – Relationship App for Two

Every week, Top Mobile Trends features a dating app. Online (and mobile app) Dating has increased in popularity over the years, and seems to be part of the dating norm now. This week, our Featured Best Dating App is an app for couples! It is called Couple – Relationship App for Two!

App To Look For: IFTTT

Top Mobile Trend’s featured (iOS) App To Look For is IFTTT. Alright, what is IFTTT? IFTTT (pronunciation: “ift” as in “gift”) is a service that enables users to connect different web applications ( Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.) together through simple conditional statements known as “Recipes”. IFTTT was developed by Linden Tibbets and launched in December 2010. In addition to its default web-based application,

Number 1 Venue for Holiday Shopping!

We all know the best thing to come out of the internet is cat videos, followed closely behind by the ability to find someone a gift 3 days before the holiday, at midnight and have it delivered before the big day – all without having to get out of your pyjamas or admit that you forgot about them. Well it’s true – the number 1 venue for holiday shopping in 2013 was the internet!