PayPal Chief Sends Brutal Email to Its Employees Urging them to use PayPal App or Quit

VentureBeat obtained a leaked email from PayPal Chief David Marcus to his employees working at PayPal’s San Jose, California headquarters furiously scolding them for failing to enthusiastically use the company’s products and forgetting their PayPal password, terming the situation unacceptable to him.

“Everyone at PayPal should use our products where available,” read part of the email.

Paypal Chief David Marcus

Marcus was also not happy with the fact that some employees lacked passion, giving a classic example where some employees didn’t hack the office Coke machine to accept PayPal like employees at another location did.

“Employees in other offices hack into Coke machines to make them accept PayPal because they feel passionately about using PayPal everywhere. I don’t see these behaviors here in San Jose,” he wrote.

Oh! And the employees aren’t even making leads. Marcus rebuked his San Jose employees for lagging behind when it comes to the volume of leads they submit for businesses that have not accepted PayPal as a means of payment. He lamented that even offices with under 100 employees beat them by an order of magnitude—while the total PayPal leads stands at 126,862, and San Jose office has only contributed 984 leads.

However, Marcus was not unmindful of those employees who remain passionate about the company’s products and what it stands for.

“I know there are people on our campus in San Jose who are here to make a difference every day,” he wrote.

“So I’m turning to you passionate PayPals who are here for a purpose more than a paycheck. We need your help.”

In conclusion, he urged those who had forgotten their passwords and failed to install PayPal apps on their phones to find something else that resonates with their heart. He advised that it is a waste of precious time doing what one is not passionate about.

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