Are Phones Made Out Of “Too Cheap” Materials?

Mobile phones are made from different materials. Materials range from glass, ceramics, paper, metals, rubber and plastics. And as we all know that every phone is prone to its share of marks, scratches, dents, dings or even shattered glass from those unexpected drops.

Phone damages

So why does that happen? Are the phones made out of “too cheap” materials? The fact is that all the phones whether made of glass, metal, polycarbonate or plastic do tend to wear and tear or get damaged when they fall. Most of the people tend to cover these beautiful mobile devices with a case. Many people tend to use a protective covering as it not only protects the device from the evils of the world, but also helps in getting a better grip on an otherwise slippery device.

But many do feel that the phone companies should have some sort of obligation towards the consumers to make their phone at least slightly be able to hold their own against certain perilous situations.

Manufactured sapphire glass for iPhone

Now there is a scope for that- manufactured sapphire—a material that’s used as transparent armor on military vehicles—could become cheap enough to replace the glass display covers for mobile phones. This means that Smartphone screens now don’t crack when you drop them and can’t be scratched with keys, or even by a concrete sidewalk as reported by MIT Technology Review. GT Advanced Technologies, based in Nashua, New Hampshire, is developing a method for making sapphire sheets thinner than a human hair. And although the cost will be a little higher, it won’t be sky high.

So till such phones are available in the market, we have to make do with cheaper materials that the phones are made of and regardless of what the actual phone itself is made out of, we just have to cover it up with something else.

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

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