Plastc: Picking up where Coin faltered

This might seem like deja vu, but Plastc announced its PlastcCard. Its a card, shaped like a normal credit card, but Plastc can digitally hold 20 of your credit and bank cards with the ability to swipe between what card you want to use at any particular time.

Plastc from Plastc Inc. on Vimeo.

It all sounds very similar to Coin. Coin was announced about a year ago and it did basically the same thing. You can hold up to 8 credit, bank or loyalty cards in a single card, with the ability to swap the cards at the press of a button.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 3.22.47 PM

While Coin has seen some trouble that has delayed it into 2015, Plastc is looking to pick up where it left off. At first glance, Plastc has a lot more to offer. It holds up to 20 cards (compared to 8 for Coin) and supports Google Wallet, Apple Pay and PayPal, but perhaps the biggest leg-up that Plastc has is that it features NFC, RFID and Chip & PIN technology, something Coin has been trying to solve the past year. The Plastc also features wireless charging and software upgrades – something that Coin lacked with its embedded battery.


With the majority of US merchants set to transition to Chip & PIN terminals by late 2015, Plastc has a leg up to Coin, who will have to integrate the technology to their product. Plastic also features a much larger E-Ink screen compared to the small LCD on the Coin. The larger screen uses touch screen technology and allows Plastc to show full credit card numbers, ability to swipe between cards, lock the card with a PIN and even generate QR and Barcodes.

tech specs
1. Chip and PIN
2. E-ink Touchscreen
3. Bluetooth
4. Flash Memory (up to 20 cards)
5. Rechargeable Battery (30-day charge)
6. Rewritable Magnetic Stripe
7. Rewritable RFID/NFC
8. Wireless Charging


Since you are going to be carrying around ALL your cards on the Plastc, they understand the need for security. The Plastc features a proximity sensor that pairs with your phone – if your phone gets too far away from the card, it will send you a notification and give you the option to set the card to the “return me” mode OR wipe it remotely.

At this time, Plastc is available for pre-order and will cost you $155 – significantly higher than the $50 for the Coin. However, given the additional features and newer technology, it might be worth the extra cash. It is slated for a Q3 2015 release!

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