Play Any Website Like A Marble Madness Maze, Controlled With Your Phone’s Accelerometer

I took a spin around

If you’re looking for a distraction today, this new browser-plus-phone-based game from Google turns your smartphone into a controller and any website into a maze. Then you can sit at your desk and run a little marble around the maze on your computer screen. It’s pretty satisfying.

You’ll need a phone with either Android 4.0 or iOS 5, and you need to install Chrome both on your computer and your smartphone. Make sure you’re signed into your Google account on both. Then visit this website and it’ll take you through syncing your phone and computer.

The World Wide Maze, as the game’s called, is a Chrome Experiment. Previous experiments, such as this Wizard of Oz game-slash-ad, have been cool, too. Happy playing.
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Grace Barry

Grace Barry

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