The Most Popular Apps for Teens

Almost all the teens in the modern world own smartphones or tablets. The impressive apps that can be installed on them have contributed a lot toward the above mentioned fact.

Here is a list of most popular apps for teens!


1.     YouTube – YouTube can be considered as the second largest search engine on the Internet. In fact, many teens tend to use the YouTube app on their devices in order to watch videos they prefer. YouTube has the largest collection of videos on the Internet and those videos belong to many different categories such as sports, songs and even movies. The user friendly interface of the YouTube app has also received a lot of attention.


2. – can simply be defined as a question and answering service. Most of the teens prefer to use this app in order to get answers for controversial questions that they have in mind. The best thing about is that it has given users the ability to ask for questions anonymously.

popular apps for teens

3.     Down – Down has taken dating into a whole new level. In fact, it uses Facebook as a platform to bring together people. This app is not associated with any age restrictions and it is extremely popular among teens that live in every corner of the world.


4.     Instagram – Instagram is an online video and photo sharing service. It can also be considered as a social networking app, which allows the users to share videos and images with each other. They will be able to enhance the quality of these images with the help of a variety of digital filters.


5.     Fess – Fess is an app that can be used to post anonymously to your high school. In fact, only students are allowed to use this app and it is extremely popular among modern world teens. This can also be considered as a dedicated confession app available for the students who attend high school. While currently unavailable in the app store now, replicas are bound to surface.


6.     Omegle – Omegle is a website that can be used to talk to strangers. Teens are extremely curious about talking to strangers over the Internet. As a result, this app has received a lot of attention. The teens will be able to log into this app through their Facebook accounts and chat with people who have similar interests.


7.   Whisper – As the name implies, this app is all about sharing secrets. It allows the users to share secrets anonymously. In other words, people who use Whisper will be able to send image posts and text messages to their friends without exposing their identity. On the other hand, it can be used to reveal posts from the contact list that are using this app.

8. Snapchat – Of course Snapchat makes the list among the most popular apps for teen. With disappearing messages, fun photo Lenses, and Our Stories. This may be a headache for many parents, but teens are undeniably active on the app.


snapchat app


These are some of the most popular apps for teens that you can see on the Internet. The unique and impressive features that can be found in these apps have contributed to their high number of downloads and support amongst young audiences.


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