Has the Popularity of Tablets Waned?

Although many industry experts predicted that 2014 will experience a surge in the popularity of tablets, figures on the ground suggest otherwise. According to 2013 tablet shipment statistics by the International Data Corporation (IDC), global tablet shipment experienced an unprecedented decline (-9.7%) in the first quarter of 2013.

However, it must be noted that tablets still make up the clear majority of all computer sales worldwide—about 50% of all computer sales are tablets.

Declining tablet popularity

What are the possible reasons for the decline in tablet popularity?

According to a new research by Kantar, a market-analysis firm, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, being the top tablet makers, are not likely to experience any further growth in terms of tablet sales possibly because the market is slowly becoming saturated with the tablets. Therefore, the manufactures are unlikely to experience growth in their yearly sales.

 According to Kantar, it collected a sample of over 240,000 Americans. Out of this, the penetration figures in the United States reached a whopping 37% in the final quarter of 2013, representing a 54% increase from the previous year. Moreover, about 53% of Americans who were interviewed said they would not be buying a tablet in the coming year, while 34% of them said they were undecided.

Of the 34% who were unsure they’d buy a tablet the coming year, cited high prices as the reason for their uncertainty. This is despite the fact that the prices of tablets have constantly been decreasing. Perhaps this could pull in a large portion of those who are undecided.

72% of those who claimed they will not be purchasing a tablet said they were happy with the services of their current laptop/PC and saw no need to spend on a tablet. This is coupled with the fact that almost all of them own Smartphone’s.

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