The Best Productivity Apps

Did you really miss that appointment for the third time this month? Did you misplace that tiny yellow post-it that withholds none other but the most important password of your life? What about the nomadic you, did you spend yet another minute at your desk when you could have been taking care of that pesky email while walking the dog? Well have no fear! The app store is here! Too much? Anyway, the reality of our “gadget centered” day and age is this: there is always an easier, a better, or a faster way to get things done.

With that being said, I give you this: the best productivity apps, aka three apps that you should probably add to your collection shortly after reading this article.


1.    First up, we have none other than the Productive app, which I learned quickly lives up to its 5 star review on the App Store and fits seamlessly into this category based on name alone. 


The Productive app gives us the ability to track our habits, set reminders for daily chores, routines, or errands.  While a productivity app, it actually encourages a change in human behavior to be more efficient. Productive gives us the ability to be our own boss and the app the chance to be the king of all reminders. Here are some things that you can do with this motivational mobile application:


– Find your focus, in order to avoid stress, something we all despise, Productive only shows you what must be done at the current point in time and then moves on to the next task.
– Powerful reminders
– Calendars for all of your needs: progress, stats, notes
– Ability to schedule habits for the morning, afternoon, or nighttime or on a more broader scale, reminding yourself to do something once a month.


2.    Next up, with a credible 4.5 rating on the app store, we have our trusty friend Google presenting: Google Drive app.

google-drive-iphone6-compressor (1)

At last, all the power of your computer, in the palm of your hand! This over achieving app lets us store all of our files, pictures, videos, folders, and just about anything else you can think of all in one place. This app is free and gives the consumer access to all of their documents at the touch of a finger. But wait, there’s more, with this app Google also gives us reliable back up features to ensure that nothing is ever lost, unlike that post-it we mentioned before. Here are some features included in the Google Drive app:

– Viewing capabilities: videos, PDFs, photos, and more
– Easy file sharing (remember sharing is caring)
– Search abilities, search by name or content
– Specific sharing permissions per file: view, edit, or comment
– Quick access to recently opened files
– Ability to view files offline


3.    Third, but certainly not least we have the 30/30 app, a task manager at its finest, also racking up a 4.5 rating from the App Store.

3030-compressor(1) (1)

30/30 is really quite simple, you as the task doer simply budget time for all of your “to-dos.” When the time allotted for the task has ended, you will know it is time move on to your next job. This app helps us, as creatures of habit, to stay focused, stay on task, and stay in the know. It’s about time we step back and realize how much effort we are putting into our to-do lists. This app solely shows us what we need to know, no jargon. As told by the app store, 30/30 is simple, attractive, and useful. Get your stuff done!


With these three apps in the palm of your hand, we have no doubts that you will be a triple threat in the multitasking department. We believe in you, happy productivity!

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