PVLL App: Simply Share & Edit Texts

Texting seems pretty simple and straight-forward, but even conversing over texts can be taken to a next level. With the app Pvll (Pull), users are able to manage their conversations. Sure, it is a peculiar idea, but so far the app has a 4.2 out of 5 stars in Google Play!

Basically, the Pvll app let’s you take control of your texting conversation – deleting responses within 5 seconds before sharing with the receiver, analyzing response and delay times, and sharing parts of texts with another friend. Really – it feels like OCD texting – but it caters to our human nature!


This Android app was developed by Lauren Talbot and Pull App Corp, who defines Pvll as:

Do texts have deeper meanings? Pull thinks so. This Android app scientifically analyzes your text message conversations, and brings in top experts to help you interpret what’s going on.

And by top experts, we mean your friends. Use Pull as a text client, or let it pull from your text app in the background. When you have a conversation you feel is in need of a second opinion, use Pull to secretly send the comments in question to any friend.

Pull also furnishes you with the cold, hard facts you need to decipher those texts’ deeper meanings. The app analyzes your text history to show you how often your text first relative to specific contacts, and how long it takes to get a response.

• Need help texting the person you like? Want to share laughs about a funny conversation you had? Pull allows you to pull out specific parts of your conversation with one person and share it with a friend more efficiently than taking screenshots.

• Are you the type who forgets to say happy birthday to your friend? Do you ever wait to respond to a text because you don’t want to reply too fast? Pull allows you to set the date and time a text is sent.

• Have you ever regretted a message immediately after pressing send? Have you ever pressed send then realized autocorrect changed what you wrote? Pull has an automatic 5 second delay in case you change your mind about that last text you sent.

Maybe things aren’t so complicated, after all.

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