Qualcomm details Quick Charge 1.0, available on more than 70 devices


Exisiting technology helps supported devices charge up to 40 percent faster

Qualcomm today in a blog post detailed a feature we haven't talked much about — Quick Charge 1.0. It's part of a Snapdragon-powered phone's power management and, on paper, allows it to “charge up to 40 percent faster than older phones.”

It's all done with existing USB hardware on supported phones — nothing new to buy. So if you've noticed that a Snapdragon-powered phone you bought in 2012 is charging faster than one from 2011, Quick Charge 1.0 is part of the reason why.

We've got a list of supported devices after the break, and be sure to hit the source link for Qualcomm's full post.

Source: Qualcomm

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David Pate

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