Quitbit – The Smart Lighter And Smoking Tracking App

This Kickstarter project is one that focuses on the ones among us who like to light a cigarette once in a while (or more often). The Quitbit, a smart lighter, will help smokers with their smoking habits by measuring it and trying to control your smoking pattern. Trying to quit smoking once and for all? Then Quitbit will become your best buddy!

Whenever a cigarette is being lit with Quitbit, the data will be displayed on the digitalized screen like when you had your last cigarette, at what times you smoke the most and how long it has been since your last one. Thanks to QuitBit you won’t need any patches or whatsoever to quit smoking. Quitbit will displqy how much money you save when you’re not smoking and understand why you are smoking. If this doesn’t help, you can set daily goals so the lighter doesn’t light your cigarettes anymore after reaching your daily limit!


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.21.08 PM


You can use Quitbit without a smartphone or with one, when you connect it via Bluetooth. Proud of your progress? You can easily share it on social media using your smartphone! You can download the free Quitbit app for iOS here.

The smart lighter measureĀ 67 x 43 x 10 mm, weighs 72g and lasts one week with only one single charge! Until now, Quitbit is only compatible with iOS 5, but soon enough also with Android 4.3!

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Click here for more information or click here to help fund Quitbit!

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