Raspberry Pi In All Its Glory!

Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm, and the bare bones of a computer have enticed the imagination of makers, hackers and artists all over the world. It’s a simple little contraption that’s easy for anyone to use. This device is basically a credit-card sized computer that you can plug into your TV as a keyboard. It’s capable of doing many tasks that your desktop computer can do like word processing, spreadsheets or even play games.

Connection diagram of Raspberry Pi

Dr. Uben Upton, chief executive of the Raspberry Pi foundation, stated that the success of their device has come as a surprise. He went on to say that the foundation only expected to sell 2,000 units and not 2 million.

As Raspberry Pi hits its 2 million mark, it’s worth your while to look at a few successful and ambitious projects that have been possible because of it. Some out of the box thinking and creativity can really transform one little device into so much more!

Created by Chris Marion, a teenager in the US, Fire Hero is a combination of Raspberry Pi, canisters of propane and a micro controller to add pyrotechnic effects to synchronize the music that’s being played on an electric guitar. As the right notes get played, flames will shoot out from 6 small propane “poofers,” 4 middle sized “poofers” and two enormous cannons. The cannons can shoot flames up to 100 ft (30 meters) into the air.

Another fancy little invention is Treats for Judd by John Saunders, Judd’s owner. Judd is man’s best friend and the little gadget that’s connected to the internet dispenses doggy treats for Judd once an email has been sent to a specific address. Saunders said that while rival controllers such as Arduio were just as good at connecting the electronics, Pi was substantially better when it came to working with the World Wide Web.

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By David Pate, G+ profile.

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