Replace Punchcards with this Business Loyalty App

loyalblockspicImagine the business discovery platform Yelp and coupon service RetailMeNot in one app. The mobile app LoyalBlocks acts as a virtual loyalty card and rewards program for a variety of businesses. LoyalBlocks sorts stores by distance. Then, users can view current specials- ranging from a free pint of beer to discounted laser treatments- and add stores that interest them (which are refereed to as clubs). After selecting a club, users can adjust the “keep me updated” tool that sends push notifications from the shop in accordance to a set distance.


Each club’s profile includes the address, telephone number, review page and gallery. Then, users can sync their Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare accounts to share their activity with friends. Or, users can send the page via Facebook, Twitter, email and text message. Under profile settings, members can choose whether or not to automatically share visits with Facebook friends. This social media feature is helpful in spreading the word about deals and businesses. Also, select business distribute discounts to reward social media activity.



National chains and local businesses both have accounts with LoyalBlocks. The company explains, “LoyalBlocks automatically recognizes customers as they walk into a business, punching their mobile punch-card and sending tailored promotions their way (we call them tokens). Customers do not even have to open the app, they simply walk-in and a tailored experience is triggered.” With LoyalBlocks, customers don’t have to carry around countless punch cards and businesses can interact with their customers. By optimizing on social media features, the app is pleases both the consumers and the LoyalBlocks businesses.


The app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Have you used LoyalBlocks? How likely areyou to share your visits with your social media accounts?

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