Rise of the Cricket Wireless Nation

AT&T is pushing its prepaid wireless approach, and with the re-launch of Cricket Wireless it’s certainly taking shape. The re-launched service Wireless runs on the 4G LTE network of AT&T, which is definitely a big improvement.

Part of the re-launch, which started on May 18th, Cricket opened 3,000 new stores nationwide to promote Cricket Wireless. When you choose to get a Cricket prepaid plan, you can choose between $25, $40, $50 and $60 which will give you substantially more GB than any other carrier could offer you. There are no annual plans, you can choose for unlimited talk and text, unlimited mobile data access and last but not least: all these prices include taxes and fees!


Just like its competition, Cricket offers the most popular phones like the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Nokia Lumia 520. There are also very basic phones available for those who prefer to keep it simple.

We think that the prepaid plans of Cricket Wireless is a good option to save some money on your smartphone bills, especially in New York where prepaid plans can take up a big part of your budget. Plus, we feel like you actually get worth for your money!

For more information about the Cricket Wireless prepaid plans, click here. Check out the store locator to find the store that’s near to you!



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