Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 – Which One is Right For You?

The two largest players in the realm of smartphones are currently Apple and Samsung. The legal battles between these two tech giants are not at an end, but they’ll have to do the rest of their fighting with their products. Each has a massive following, but which one comes out on top in terms of performance?

Basic Specs to consider when purchasing the Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4:

iPhone 5

• iOS Operating System
• 4 inch screen
• 640×1136 screen resolution
• Dual core ~ 1.3 Ghz
• 16, 32, and 64 GB models
• Approximately 499 call minutes per charge
• 8 megapixel camera

Galaxy S4

• Android Operating System
• 5 inch screen
• 1080×1920 screen resolution
• Quad core ~ 1.9 Ghz
• 16, 32, and 64 GB models + micro sd slot for a maximum of 32 additional GB
• Approximately 1051 call minutes per charge
• 13 megapixel camera

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 – Which One is Right For You?
There are pros and cons to both phones. Most often, Apple users are drawn to the iPhone due to the lack of set up it requires. The learning curve is practically non-existent, allowing not so tech-savvy users to access their mail, browse the internet, text, and make calls right out of the box with little hassle required. This user friendly interface is one of the greatest strengths of the iPhone brand, but it is also one of its greatest weaknesses. Aside from a few software glitches at launch, the biggest complaint users have about the iPhone is its lack of customization. Android-based phones like the Samsung Galaxy have a wide range of options that can be used to personalize their cellular experience. These options can be complicated for a general user, but anyone well-versed with technology will be thrilled at the number of features you can change to suit your needs. You can tweak everything on the Galaxy S4 including settings, fonts, apps, sounds, interface,

As far as the hardware is concerned, the Galaxy S4 soundly thrashes the iPhone 5. It has a quad core processor clocked at 1.9 GHz versus the iPhone 5’s dual core 1.3 GHz The Galaxy S4 also has 2048 MB of RAM, which is over double the iPhone 5’s 1016 MB of RAM. Overall it boasts a larger screen size, better resolution, an overall cheaper charging cable, a replaceable battery, longer battery life, and expandable memory.

Some say that Apple has fallen behind in the hardware competition. This argument seems to hold water when looking at the raw specs. Instead, they’ve chosen to focus on the user-friendly interface that currently has their main product shipping the most phones worldwide on all major cell carriers. However, Samsung is slowly chipping away at Apple’s hold over the industry. Based on this comparison, the central question becomes what consumers are willing to pay top dollar for; User-friendly operating system or fully customizable interface?

This article was written by Aubrey Phelps, a writer for Fibernet. She has been in the tech industry for six years.

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