Samsung Galaxy S5 revealed

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors- What to expect?

The Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iPhone 5s is currently trending in the technology market. The internet is flooded with rumors and speculations about Samsung’s next smartphone. What is next for the Samsung Galaxy? What are the specs?

Let us look what online communities are saying about Galaxy S5, from physical specs to internal upgrades:

Physical Shape

According to Nic Healey, the author at Australian media channel CNET, he believes that the Smartphone will come with a metallic body, and it might be available in its plastic versions too. A unibody design won’t be present but may have a metal back for the metallic frame.

First off, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected, according to rumors, to be released in two versions – a premium model crafted from metal, and a cheaper model made from plastic.

Plastic versus metal – will the S5 step into a new realm for smartphone materials? Many smartphone prototypes in the past have attempted to use a metal body, but nothing has hit the market yet. It is rumored that the S5 will only have a partial metal back, due to wireless signals.



Healey further believes that the camera is 16 mega pixels, which is now the case with all Smartphone makers as they don’t want to lag behind in the market. Samsung too will try to emulate the current resolution that has become a standard, and the zooming feature is expected to be super notch quality.

Operating System

The rival, Apple, operates with its own operating system IOS. Samsung some years back tried to challenge the US giant by launching its own BADA OS, but was not that successful. The Galaxy S5 will have the latest version of Android 4.4, KitKat.

High End Processor

Adam Mills, a San-Francisco based editor of, points out that the CPU of Galaxy S5 will be Qualcomm Snapdragon or an Exynos 6 processor.  The Exynos 6 does support LTE, unlike the Galaxy S4s’ Exynos 5, which did not support LTE. The metallic version may get the latest Exynos while the plastic body can get the Exynos 5.

Screen Size

According to Expert Reviews, the screen size of Galaxy S5 would be similar to S4. The size can be a bit increased, but not any significant screen enlargement. Super 2560 x 1440 AMOLED technology can be used for the production of its premium phones so it can be this way either for Samsung Galaxy S5. SamMobile, in December 2013, said that it had already gone in the process of production of screens. The screen would be sharp and would also have the same 2K resolution, so there is no degradation in screen resolution.


Samsung Galaxy Release Date

People have been expecting the announcement of the S5 for months now!

Dong-Hoon Chang, Samsung Head of Design Strategy, said in an interview that Galaxy S5 will be launched at the MWC show in Barcelona, Spain in sometime around February. But, till date we see no signs of an official launch and it can be speculated that Galaxy S5 will be launched in early March 2014. There is also a buzz that it can be launched at London in mid-March.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S5

The price would be a bit higher than Galaxy S4 as there are some new added technologies. Many have said that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could cost around $650 USD, but given the great features that the mobile phone will be equipped with, some experts suggested that it could cost more than $650 USD.

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