Samsung S Health: Upgrade In The Works!

Are there any Samsung S series users out there? You definitely might have used S Health application. With S Health, you can always manage your health on the go. The S Health app makes your device a powerhouse of personal health management.

Recently, we got news that Samsung software team is ready to launch an app based on similar lines called Life Times. Also, there is a buzz that Samsung S Health is going to get a major overhaul in terms of looks and its characteristic features. It is grapevine that S Health may get a makeshift from the flat design courtesy of KitKat, the latest version of Android.

The new S Health

According to Android Geeks, the upgraded S Health may drop its TouchWiz-like looks in favor of an interface that is more approachable with Android design guidelines. The slide-out menu bars will be different from the current structure and fully compatible with UI for Android.

The leaked version of advanced S Health app courtesy of Sam Mobile shows that it has many improved features that were not properly exposed in the previous version. Calorie intake feature, step counting characteristic, heart rate tracking aspect, and other such contents of the app are going to be better in the update. The sensors of the phone will be spot-on and precise enough to measure the temperature and humidity of the room you are in, all fitting into the app itself. The Body Scale and heart-rate monitoring bands are also going to be upgraded for a better user friendly upgrade.

“It looks like that most of the update is about the way of working of S Health app, but the major revamp is in the looks of the application. The upgraded S Health is widely anticipated to feature in the new Samsung Galaxy S5, the flagship device of Korean manufacturer,” said Bryan Bishop, technology author at The Verge.

Upgrade in S Health

As the Korean Samsung had recently tied up with the American Google, there is a possibility that their pact would focus more on user-interface of Android (uniformly throughout the globe), rather than giving the spotlight on Android customizations (regional preferences).

Well, all the S Health users are waiting excitedly for Samsung Galaxy S5 and with it their favorite health managing app. This time around, they are hoping that the application will be bigger and better.

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