Samsung vs. Apple: The Battle Over Patents Wages Steadily On

For nearly four years now, two tech-industry giants have been furiously battling over which company infringed on the other in regards to mobile hardware and software patents. The two companies in question, Samsung and Apple, are two of the leaders of today’s smartphone industry, making this war one of extreme importance to mobile-tech aficionados.

In order to get a full handle on all of the action in this heated struggle, we would like to lay out a timeline of the most important skirmishes in this war. As with many things, identifying where things have been is the key to understanding where they are going.



The first volleys fired in the Samsung/Apple patent wars came in the form of a warning issued in August of 2010 by Apple to Samsung, stating that some of their hardware may infringe on Apple’s patents. This was followed up by a meeting in October of the same year, where Apple proposed a licensing deal which would allow Samsung to continue using the hardware, regardless of patent infringement, for a per-phone fee. Unfortunately, Samsung declined.


The first lawsuit initiated by Apple against Samsung would appear in April of 2011. However, within days of the release of this lawsuit, Samsung countered by suing Apple over patents relating to 3G tech. This would culminate in the pulling of both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from shelves in Australia and Germany. More than 30 new lawsuits would be filed by both parties during the remainder of 2011.


Beginning in March, Samsung and Apple entered into formal negotiations designed to settle the dispute, which unfortunately failed. However, August of that same year would bring a $1 billion settlement in Apple’s favor.


March of 2013 would bring a decision by the courts that the billion-dollar settlement was incorrect and a retrial was scheduled. This would commence in November and result in the reduction of the settlement amount awarded to Apple by almost $80 million.


March would bring an appeal of the decision of the courts by Samsung that would prompt a retrial, which is currently on the docket. The rest of the year is bound to be filled with motions, counter motions and new filings, as both parties continue to claim ownership of different pieces of hardware and software

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